Tips For Bathroom Mould Removal In Adelaide

Bathrooms are often the room in our Adelaide house in the most need of mould removal. With a high concentration of water and moisture in the air, this is the ideal breeding ground for mould spores. If water isn’t dried quickly, it can quite easily lead to mould growth. It’s important for your family’s health and well-being that you remove mould as soon as it begins to grow. You can help to avoid mould in your bathroom by regular cleaning and wiping over the moisture to help it dry quickly. Here are some helpful hints to help with mould removal in your Adelaide bathroom.

Mould Removal Adelaide

Wet before you wipe

It may sound strange to wet the mould to clean it, however, it’s important that you never scrape dry mould as this can release spores which you don’t want to breathe in. You are best to use a sponge, cloth or scrubbing brush when taking care of mould removal from most surfaces in your Adelaide bathroom.

How to get mould out of porous surfaces

In bathrooms, mould often grows on walls and ceilings which a quite porous, making it difficult to clean. Bleach is also not as good for getting deep down into porous surfaces. You are best to use detergents that contain borax. Simply mix the borax detergent with a bit of water, and this mixture will help to remove mould quickly and efficiently. After you have used it on the affected area, use a scrubbing brush to remove the mould and then you can disinfect it with bleach if you wish. If you can’t find borax at your local supermarket or hardware store, you can use hydrogen peroxide. Simply mix 1 cup of warm water with ½ a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture to the mouldy area and then scrub the surface for mould removal in any porous areas around your Adelaide home.

How to clean and kill mould on smooth surfaces

For cleaning mould on your tiles, sink and bathtub, you might want to try some of these handy mould killers and cleaners. 1 part bleach to 4 parts water is a cheap way to get rid of mould, however, don’t use it on painted surfaces as it can damage to paint colour. Dettol is ideal for getting into the grout and other hard to scrub areas. There are plenty of area specific products on the market. Just be aware that you will need the right ones for those particular areas so that it won’t ruin your bathroom.

Prevent mould growing again

Once you’ve cleaned away the mould, the best thing you can do is put in place systems to help discourage mould from growing in your bathroom again. Your bathroom will continue to grow mould if there is humidity, so you should aim to keep humidity below 55%. You can help reduce moisture by keeping the bathroom fan on for 5 minutes after you have finished in the shower, or opening the window to let out the steam and circulate the air. If you don’t have a window or very good ventilation you can wipe down wet surfaces to help them dry faster. Short of putting in an exhaust fan, you can invest in some anti-mould paint or stain blocking paint. Giving your bathroom ceiling and walls in these types of paint can help to block stains from water damage, and can block odours completely and permanently which can be caused by mould. You can also add a sealer to stop mould growing in the grout. Cleaning your bathroom once a month with undiluted vinegar will also help to deodorise your bathroom and prevent mould.

With these mould removal tips you should have your Adelaide home clean in no time at all. However, if you need a helping hand for mould removal at your Adelaide address.


How To Remove Stubborn Coffee Stains From Carpet

Coffee stains in the carpet are something that you are no doubt going to have to tackle at some point in life. Whether it is the fact that we have this drink so early in the morning when we’re rushing around and can’t think straight, or just because we drink it so often, it always seems to end up on the floor. Regardless, there are some fantastic carpet cleaning tips in Adelaide out there to help you.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Now, we should preface this by saying that certain carpets may be slightly different in which treatments work best for them. If you know that your living room is floored with a particularly rare and expensive exotic carpet, then it might be best to turn to the professionals, or even the manufacturers of that specific material. However, for more generic carpets you can follow these simple methods. There is one thing that is non-negotiable, and that is that you will want to try to blot up as much moisture as possible as soon as you spill the coffee. An older stain is harder to lift.

Many sources suggest blending a teaspoon of detergent and one of white vinegar with two cups to half a litre of warm water. This mixture is applied with a damp sponge and dabbed directly onto the area. Then, a dry cloth is dabbed but never rubbed to slowly lift the stain. If you gradually remove all of the moisture but the stain is still obvious, then try omitting the detergent altogether and just using equal parts vinegar and warm water. This is obviously a stronger solution and not one you would want to try as a first resort. Be careful to continue dabbing until the moisture is completely removed, otherwise this concentration of vinegar could slightly bleach the carpet.

Is the stain still not budging? Some suggest a white shaving foam, although you would want to be very frugal with the amount you apply at first, increasing it slowly if you want a bigger effect. Then, simply blot with a damp cloth again and repeat. The next item to try is baking soda. This is a great Eco-friendly approach for those that do not want to introduce harsh chemicals into their carpet, or simply want to use something cheap that is lying around the house. Lemon juice mixed with warm water is another great one to try, but just make sure that every last drop is sponged out, otherwise you are left with a sticky patch which will bleach if exposed to sunlight. Whichever method or combination of methods you go with, remember to do a thorough job sponging out the solution, and then once done, dab the area with a clean cloth with cold water to set it, and vacuum to ensure complete dryness.

Of course, by far the most reliable and thorough way of removing stains is to pay for  carpet cleaning professional Adelaide. The results make home remedies look amateur and they keep your whole carpet in better condition as well as just removing the spot stain. It is relatively cost effective if you get several rooms done at once, and means that you don’t have to do the hard work yourself. Plus, there is the added peace of mind that if for some reasons your carpet is damaged in the cleaning process, you are not to blame and the onus of repair falls on the professional.

If the place is a rental, then using a professional is highly recommended. Home remedies can and do go wrong, and stains or cleaning troubles could cause you to lose your bond. From this point of view, the expense of a steam clean is easily justified. Visit Master Class Carpet Cleaning  for more information on Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Techniques in Adelaide.

Clean Your Mattress Like You Clean Your Floors

Did you know that you can use the popular and effective carpet steam cleaning method in Adelaide for a range of other items? Mattresses in particular can be refreshed and rejuvenated to feel like new after a quick steam cleaning treatment.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

There is nothing like the feeling of a new mattress. It’s bouncy, clean and soft. We wash our sheets every few weeks but we never really wash our mattress. Sheets only protect the mattress to a certain extent, and it is still vulnerable to getting dirty just as sheets are. There is no cover that can be taken off and no obvious method of cleaning the big clunky thing, so most people just do the sheets and that is it.

The first step is to vacuum your mattress. This removes a lot of the surface dirt that might simply be resting there. Importantly, it prevents any loose dirt from staining when moisture is added later on in the cleaning process. Make sure that the nozzle you use for the vacuum cleaner is freshly cleaned. Use the upholstery attachment for the best result. If you would like to deodorise your mattress, some home remedies swear by the use of baking sodas as a natural deodoriser. All you have to do is sift some over your mattress, leave for a few minutes, and then vacuum up again. A couple of drops of essential oil such as rosehip or lavender don’t hurt if you enjoy the fragrance in your room.

Stain cleaning a mattress can be tricky, because mattresses are not great at dealing with moisture. It is not easy to soak up excess moisture, so the key is to attend to a stain as soon as it occurs, and go easy with the moist cloth. Dab at it with a cloth dampened with cool water first before switching to a dry cloth to soak up the water. Heat sets stains of this type, so stick to cold water only for the best results. If you get to the stain quickly, use a combination of cold water, baking soda and salt to gently lift the stain. Rub the paste onto the affected area, leave for half an hour, and then brush off the residue and dab away the excess with a damp cloth. Always use as little liquid as possible. Start with less and gradually use more if the stain requires it.

Next comes the deeper, steam clean. Double check the product instructions that this is acceptable, as not all mattresses are suited to this method and it could end up doing more harm than good. The drying time after a steam clean of your mattress will vary. Floors can dry in a few short hours, but mattresses can take anywhere from two to six hours. Steam cleaning is a great idea to clean out all of the particles that have settled in your mattress. A mattress that is not cleaned can begin to smell, look unsightly, and not to mention be a bad idea for asthmatics or those with allergies.

Cleaning your mattress is a big job and requires some preparation so that there will be enough drying time before you next want to use it. It might be a good idea to incorporate this job into your wider spring cleaning routine so that you don’t neglect it. If the thought of cleaning the whole house is more than you can bear, then you might like to consider getting some professional cleaning assistance.

For all of your quality carpet steam cleaning services in Adelaide, please contact Master Class Carpet Cleaning.

Simple Home Remedy For Tile And Grout Cleaning In Adelaide

One job you must stay on top of in your Adelaide home is tile and grout cleaning. Owing to its porous nature grout is a magnet to dirt and stains. Unfortunately, once it has picked up the dirt it is quite difficult to get rid of it. Dirt quickly turns grout from white to black, which can look very displeasing, especially if you have white tiles.

tile and grout cleaning adelaide

The good news is there are some home remedies you can follow to return your tiles and grout to their former glory. The important thing to remember is to ensure your perform a regular cleaning schedule. This will keep the stains at bay and ensure your grout doesn’t reach a point beyond return. Below we have outlined a simple tile and grout cleaning method that only requires two ingredients.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
Step 1:
When it comes to cleaning your tiles and grout, it’s important to have a clean canvas before you set to work. For tiles and grout on the floor, perform a thorough sweep and mop before tackling the grout itself. Alternatively, for bathroom and kitchen grout that is on the walls or counter tops, just simple spray and wipe with your usual cleaner. These cleaning methods will make sure any dirt or top layer of grime is gone.

Step 2:
Next it’s time to mix up the paste that you will be applying to the grout. For the paste you will need baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Add the baking soda to a small bowl and drip a bit of hydrogen peroxide. Keep adding and mixing until a paste forms. There’s no set recipe so create a paste that you think you will be able to work effectively with.

Step 3:
Now it’s time to apply the paste onto the grout. A good tool to use is a toothbrush, which will provide easy access to the thin layer of grout between your tiles. It’s important to just stick to a small spot first, then slowly move along to the remaining tile. Make sure you coat the entire grout and leave a thick layer. Then it’s time to let it set for 5 to 10 minutes and sink in into that stubborn grout.

Step 4:
Once you’ve left the paste to sink into the grout it’s time for the hard labour. With a tooth brush begin scrubbing the grout with firm pressure. Stick to just the small areas, as it can become tiresome scrubbing. If you are finding that the stains haven’t lifted, add some more paste and leave it to set again before getting scrubbing.

Step 5:
Now it’s time to get the elbow grease going as you perform the process on the rest of the grout. It’s crucial you take your time and go slowly so you ensure all of the stains are gone.

Step 6:
Once you’ve completed all of the grout in your bathroom, wipe down the remaining paste with a damp cloth. Then to finish off the clean, either mop or wipe down the area, depending on whether the grout was on the floors or the counters.

If you are pushed for time or just don’t want to spend time on your hand and knees scrubbing away then you can get a professional to do the job for you. At Masterclass Cleaning, they specialise in Tile and Grout Cleaning in Adelaide.

Enhance your Furniture With Regular Upholstery Cleaning in Adelaide

Enhance your furniture with regular upholstery cleaning in Adelaide
For many Adelaide households, upholstery cleaning often falls down the list. With more pending chores like the dishes and cooking taking up valuable time, your furniture can begin to take it’s toll. The good news is, it’s very simple to clean upholstery if you know what you’re doing. Below we have provided some tips.

Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

The first step to transforming your worn upholstery from drab to fab is to give it a good vacuum. Over time, your upholstery takes quite a beating. If you eat on your couch, which let’s face it all of us do, then food crumbs are going to be evident. Dirt and dust are also other nasties that no doubt will be coating your upholstery. It’s very important to get rid of these contaminants before cleaning, as sometimes water can actually make your upholstery dirties. When vacuuming your couch give it a through clean and make sure you use the special upholstery attachment on your vacuum so you don’t miss any dirt in the cracks of your furniture. Also give the cushions a good vacuum.

For those households with pets, it’s important to pay special attention and care. While a vacuum will remove a lot of the pet hair, sometime it doesn’t have what it takes to completely get rid of it. If you are struggling to get rid of all the pet hair you can purchase a pet hair remover that are specially crafted to remove the stubborn hairs.

Cleaning products
Once you’ve given your upholstery a good vacuum it’s time to choose the right cleaning products. The decision depends on several variables, which includes the stain and the fabric. These will often vary so that’s why it’s important to determine exactly what you’re dealing with. Often there will be a tag on your furniture outlining what you can and cannot use. When it comes to fabric, there is a whole range of different options including acrylic, linen, cotton, silk, wool etc. The different dyes use in the fabrics should also be considered, as well as the age of the upholstery itself. In instances where the upholstery is very old or even antique, it’s best for a Professional Upholstery Cleaner to undertake the job for you, to ensure the fabric isn’t damaged.

Furniture tags – A clue to proper upholstery cleaning
If you have no idea the types of cleaning products your upholstery can handle, the great news is the code on the furniture will often inform you. Each tag is fit with a special code. You will have to do a bit of a quick search around your piece of furniture to find the code. A good tip is it is usually in a spot you cannot see easily, so have a look at the bottom, out of sight. Generally, the tags will feature either a W, S, WS or and X. The W stands for water, signifying a water based detergent should be used. The S means a water free product needs to be used, something like a dry cleaning solvent. When it comes to the WS symbol, this means that either water based or water free cleaner can be appropriate but it all depends upon the stain. When you are purchasing furniture, this is the most ideal type of look out for if you are planning to remove stains yourself. Lastly, the X means that you cannot clean the furniture yourself. Instead the furniture most be cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaner. While you can vacuum and brush it, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals for this type of upholstery.

If all of this sounds a bit too much for you then why not call an Upholstery Cleaning Professional in Adelaide. Talk to the professional team at Masterclass Cleaning

Why should your Adelaide household invest in carpet cleaning?

When you mention professional carpet cleaning to most Adelaide homeowners they’ll try and tell you that it’s a luxury. While it’s something they’d like to do they just don’t think its necessary. That’s where I like to stop most of them and tell them outright that they are wrong. If you are one of those homeowners that doesn’t think carpet cleaning is important than I would advise you to keep reading. Below are four reasons why carpet cleaning is essential.

carpet cleaning adelaide

Kids make messes

Children are absolute bundles of joy but just don’t let them anywhere near your carpets. Little kids love playing and when they’re having fun being clean isn’t on the top of their agendas. While they may not mean to make a mess, households with children are more prone to having dirty carpets; it’s just a fact. Whether they’re dropping paint, spilling food or trekking in mud, they’re usually doing something that’s ruining the fresh appeal of your carpets. Rather than getting angry at kids being kids, why you just invest in a professional carpet clean biannually so you don’t have to worry about your carpets? This is the perfect solution for any families struggling with dirty carpets.

Pets are cute but they also make messes

Pets make my heart melt. I’m not sure if it’s their cow eyes, their fluffy fur or their little whimpers that make me love them. I’m guessing a mixture of all. Whether you’ve got a new bouncy puppy, a fluff ball or a flea bag, chances are you’re going to let your dog or cat inside. In my household there’s no way our cats sleep outside because they’re part of the family too. However, with this lenience comes with it downfalls. Unfortunately, while we may think of our pets as our human children, they are not. Just like real kids they make a mess but this time it’s slightly different. They drool and not only wipe mud on your carpets but can sometimes mistaken your carpet for the toilet. By keeping up with regular carpet clean these little mistakes by mans’ best friend won’t seem like such a big deal.

Impress at your event

There comes a time in all of our lives when we want our house to look really good. We don’t just mean tidy, we mean so good you could eat off the floor. The kind of so good that makes your home the envy of all your friends and family. You know, that type of good? There’s no better way to make your home look delightful than investing in a carpet clean before the event. Not only will your carpets look brand new but it will also smell much nicer if your home. Turst me, clean carpets are the perfect canvas for a stunning house.


Have you been slack and haven’t had your carpets cleaned in more than a year? Don’t feel shamed, we all have the tendency to push down chores we know we should be doing for the pure reason we can’t be bothered. While you may not think carpet cleaning is particularly important, you would be wrong. Keeping up with annual or even bi-annual cleans is actually very beneficial to your and your family’s health. There are lots of creepy crawlies and germs that are hiding in your carpet, infecting you without you realizing. Say goodbye to pests and hello to clean, beautiful carpets by keeping up to date with regular cleans.

If you think it’s time your spruced up your home and get your carpets professional cleaned, contact the team at Master Class Cleaning. They specialise in Carpet Cleaning Services Adelaide and produce exceptional results.