Benefits of Having Solar Pool Heating

Swimming is the activity which is liked by people of all ages and it is also said to be the best exercise which has numerous health benefits. Having a swimming pool in our own home is a good option for having a healthy life style as well as for relaxation or rejuvenation. Most of the houses in Adelaide own a personal swimming pool.

Need of Pool Heating System :

Serious health issues can arise if one swims in cold water while even swimming in too hot water can be dangerous. One should maintain the pool temperature at around 25-28°C which makes a person comfortable in the pool and also helps to avoid the muscle spasms as well as shocks while performing skills in the pool or playing pool games.

Solar Pool Heating Adelaide

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating :

Pool heating systems itself is beneficial but there are added advantages of having solar heating. There are various agencies which provide the best solar pool heating in Adelaide. The various benefits of installing solar pool heater include:

Health benefits : Swimming in warm water improves blood circulation which in turn helps to improve the health condition. Various water aerobics helps to relieve the impact stress on the joints.

Cost effective : The solar pool heater has one-time setup investment as compared to gas or electricheater and can be used for more than 15-20 years.

Durability : It has more durability as compared to electric or gas heater as the heater works on the natural solar energy supply.

Maintenance : The solar pool heater has very low maintenance as compared to other types of heaters.

Environment-friendly : Solar heater uses solar energy which is a renewable form of energy. It is clean and reliable form and does not release or emit any harmful emissions.

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Use of Pool Blankets :

One can make use of pool blankets which are also called as the pool covers or bubble blankets. Various advantages of using this pool blankets include:

Saves water : The pool blankets help to prevent loss of water from the pool due to evaporation. As a result, one can save a lot of water,time and money which is needed for refilling the pool due to water loss.

Entraps heat : It not only prevents the loss of water from evaporation but also keeps the water warm for longer period of time. This enables the person to enjoy the warm water for a longer time.

Keeps the pool clean : The solar pool blanket prevents the loss of chemicals from the water up to 50% which helps to maintain the chlorine levels and the pH levels of the pool water. The pool blanket also helps to keep the leaves and other debris away from the pool water.

Flexible : These blankets are flexible and can be used easily for both salt as well as for chlorinated water. The size and shape of the pool cover can also be adjusted as per the requirement based on the size and the shape of the pool.

Maintenance : The pool blankets can be easy to store in the shade when not in use.

One can select the solar heating method for keeping the pool water warm and comfortable due to its varied benefits. Along with using the solar pool heater, it is better to use the pool blankets which further add to its advantages.


Why Pool Blankets Help With Solar Pool Heating Brisbane

If you have put in a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect solar pool heating for your Brisbane home, you should want to ensure that your pool is ready for swimming whenever you and your family want. There is another valuable accessory that you can add to your pool which will make it easier to maintain, both temperature, cleanliness, and water level. Solar pool covers, also called pool blankets or bubble blankets, provide you with a whole host of benefits, and go hand in hand with the solar pool heating you have installed in Brisbane. Here are the top reasons why you should consider utilising a solar pool blanket with your solar pool heating in Brisbane.

Solar Pool Heating Brisbane

You save water

The amount of evaporated from your swimming pool can equal out to the entire volume of your swimming pool each year. That is a lot of water! Most pool blankets on the market can stop between 97% and 99.84% of evaporation. Simply by covering your pool with a pool blanket, you can save time instead of needing to constantly refill your swimming pool, and you will end up saving money on your quarterly water bill.

It keeps your pool warmer for longer

If you have Solar Pool Heating in Brisbane, you would already be enjoying the benefits of a warm swimming pool. But what happens to all that wonderful warm water at night? Every inch of your pool lets off heat when it is heated, which gets caught in the wind and evaporates. The stronger the wind, the greater the heat loss will be, so a pool blanket can help to increase your water temperature by up to 8’C. Using a pool blanket in conjunction with your solar pool heating not only keeps in the warm water so it doesn’t quickly lose heat or evaporate, the pool blanket will keep the water warm overnight, so that you can dive into a warm pool as soon as you wake up in the morning and your solar pool heating hasn’t had the chance to kick in until after the sun is up. If you don’t have solar pool heating in Brisbane just yet, a pool blanket will help to keep your pool warmer for longer whether you have another form of pool heating or not.

Your pool stays cleaner

Speaking of evaporation, you might just think that evaporation means you have to spend more time topping up your pool, however, major evaporation also is responsible for the majority of chemical loss. This means that not only do you spend more money in replacing chemicals, you also spend more time (more than once a week) ensuring that the chlorine levels and pH levels are just right so that your swimming pool is clean and perfect for swimming whenever you want. A pool blanket will help reduce pool chemical loss by up to 50%, and it can also help to keep out leaves and other debris.

Final tips about pool blankets

While there are plenty of benefits relating to pool blankets, if you still need persuading you should know that pool blankets can be used on both salt and chlorinated pools. They are also very flexible, so if you have an unusually shaped pool, you can adjust the shape by cutting it to fit your entire pool, or you can keep it as a smaller rectangular sheet which will still help to keep your pool warm. To keep our pool blanket in the best condition, it is best to store it when you aren’t using it, in the shade. This will ensure that the plastic doesn’t degrade quickly.

To learn more about pool blankets or solar pool heating for your Brisbane home you will find everything you need to know at

Weekly Pool Maintenance To Go With Your Solar Pool Heating Sydney

Solar pool heating at your Sydney home is a great way to extend the swimming season for your family. The more that you use your swimming pool, the more important it is to keep up your pool maintenance. Keeping your pool sparkling clean and looking good doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, but a few simple steps will ensure your pool is ready to swim in every day. Round out your solar pool heating in Sydney with these tips for keeping your pool in perfect condition.

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Ensure it’s pretty as a picture

Looks aren’t everything in life, but a clean pool makes for a much more enjoyable swimming experience. You can start your pool maintenance by making your pool look good. Start by scooping any leaves and debris out of your pool. If left for too long, these can sink to the bottom of your pool and make it more difficult to clean later on. Once you get rid of the bits and pieces off the top off the surface, use a pool brush to clean any algae or dirt off the floor and sides of your swimming pool. If there is a lot of sediment or dirt at the bottom of your pool, you can use a pool vacuum to suck it out.

Test the waters

Once your pool looks good, it’s important to ensure that it is healthy. You can do this by checking the chemicals in your pool once a week. The chemicals you need to check on include pH levels, Chlorine levels, Alkalinity, cyanuric acid, and water hardness. Before you check the chemicals once a week, be sure to backwash the filter, and then use whichever method you find is easiest for you. There plenty of simple kits on the market which will cover your pH and chlorine levels, simply follow the included instructions.

Get clued into your chlorine

Speaking of chlorine, it’s important that you continue to monitor and adjust the chlorine levels in your pool whenever it is needed. Chlorine is vital for ensuring that your water is clean and healthy, and it also helps to avoid any expensive maintenance that may need to be done if chlorine isn’t maintained. Home swimming pools require chlorine to be 2 to 3 parts-per-million or ppm. If chlorine levels are too low, your pool can become very unsanitary with harmful bacteria, algae, and other contaminates. If you have solar pool heating in Sydney, this shouldn’t have an effect on your chlorine, but it may do so indirectly. Bacteria grows better in warmer water, so you may need to increase chlorine for every 6’C above 26’C. This is also a really important factor if you happen to have a spa.

The other thing you need to remember is that when chlorinating your pool, you need to ensure that the water has a balanced pH level. A balanced pH level of 7.0 ensures that your pool is safe to swim in. Otherwise your pool becomes either alkaline or too acidic, and that can give your family itchy skin and red eyes. Doesn’t sound very fun does it.

Having a swimming pool with solar pool heating in Sydney is a pretty great way to spend your spare time, and hopefully these tips have helped you a bit. While your swimming pool itself requires a bit of maintenance, your solar pool heating in Sydney needs very little upkeep.

Maximise Your Pool Heating in Sydney with Pool Blankets

Pool heating does wonders for your Sydney pool. Pool heating gives you year round warmth, but people often question whether they need a pool cover or a pool blanket as well as their pool heating. Your pool heater will adequately provide pool heating without a pool cover on your Sydney pool, however, a pool cover can also provide a host of other benefits. So, let’s take a look at other great reasons for using a pool cover.

Keep Your Pool Heated for Longer

No matter what kind of pool heating option you utilise with your Sydney pool, the water will lose heat to the air overtime if you don’t use a pool cover as well. Heated pools without pool covers require the heater to work harder in order to keep the ideal temperature, which simply adds to your electricity costs. By using a pool cover on your pool when it’s not in use will save you up to 50% on your heating costs, while also heating the pool when you don’t have your pool heater turned on.

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Stops water evaporation

As well as saving on your electricity bill, you can save yourself on water bills by not having to refill your pool as often. Pool Heating of your Sydney pool leads to a large amount of water evaporation. Just by adding a pool cover or blanket, you will help to prevent water evaporation from your pool as it insulates the surface of the pool from the sun.

You not only help to heat your pool for maximum swimming all year round, you can cut between 50% and 98% of water evaporation. Pool covers stop heat escaping overnight, which means that you don’t need to use your pool heating as much, with the pool cover helping to heat your pool for free.

Pool Covers Protect your Pool

There are plenty of bits and pieces that can fall into your pool including leaves, dust, bugs and other animals. These objects can make your pool unhygienic, and that you have to spend more time cleaning your pool and maintaining the filtration system. Pool covers also protect your swimming pool from algae spores entering. With exposure to these items, as well as the need to clean your pool more carefully, you will need to spend more money on chemicals to maintain the health and hygiene of your pool.

A Pool Cover is an Essential Accessory for your Swimming Pool

Pool covers help to extend your swim season and will save you both time and money when it comes to your pool heating in Sydney. They can be used on both indoor and outdoor pools, and a good quality cover will slash your energy costs and water evaporation. The type of cover that will best suit your swimming pool depends on the environment the pool is located in.

If you have pool heating, a pool cover or blanket will work really well in conjunction with it. To learn more about covers, blankets, and Pool Heating Sydney.

Consider Solar For Your Commercial Pool Project

Get reliable solar pool heating at Brisbane locations for a competitive installation and running rate. With larger scale heating projects, cost is much more of a prominent factor. Margins are strict, and it is a matter of providing an acceptable level of heating for a low cost. This is directly contrasted to heating a backyard pool. Here, individual factors take more priority, so if you want a hot pool on demand at all times and you are willing to pay for it then that is totally doable. Commercial projects are about making everyone happy.

Solar Pool Heating Brisbane

Businesses have more of an interest in moving to solar than private home owners. First of all, businesses need to consider how they come across to the public and to their customers. Home owners choose whether they want solar based on the savings and potentially their stance on leaving an environmental footprint. Businesses must always be concerned with being at the forefront of technology as well as caring for the environment. Solar is a no brainer.

Secondly, businesses need to be efficient, making the most out of every dollar and every installation decision. Unlike gas, solar can provide for not only your pool heating needs but also your pool lighting at night for safety or for decoration. Solar energy can be stored and retained; it can be used later when the sun has set. Of course, there is almost no need to mention the cost benefit because it is so well-known. The sun gives off free heat that can be turned into free energy; it is baffling as to why some people still don’t make use of this.

Thirdly, businesses need to be thinking about the long term. There is no doubt that installing something such as this is going to be a big expense, though well worth it in the long run. While individuals might brush this off saying they could never afford the upfront cost, businesses are more concerned with long term profits and losses rather than immediate ones. They will know better than individuals the value of a good investment. When crunching the numbers of your costs and potential profits over the next few years, solar will come out on top as a clear winner.

Finally, businesses are looking for a custom solution rather than one off the rack. While backyard pools may work to a formula, commercially sized and shaped pools are going to require some careful measurements and calculations in order to deliver the best system for the best price. For example, indoor recreational pools are not going to need as much heating as an outdoor public pools for instance. Those with saunas and spas or hot pools will obviously demand more heating than those without. Aquatic centres, schools, gymnasiums and retirement villages are just some examples of commercial clients that have an interest in effective and cost-efficient Solar Pool Heating in Brisbane, and should talk to Sunlover Heating.