Finding the Safes, Adelaide Featuring All Smarter Approaches

Safes are extremely important for keeping expensive things like money and jewelry. This is the reason why when it comes to safes, Adelaide’s people always rely on it. If you know about the various types, which are used for different purposes it becomes easier for you to select the equipment according to your requirements.


As there is a wide range of products available in the market, choosing a strongbox or a nice one can be an intimidating task. Therefore, it is better to know about the different types that help you to choose the ideal one.

Here is a list of the most common kinds of stuff used in homes:

1. Burglary Safes – Compared to an ordinary one, a burglary safe is far more secure. It is heavier and therefore, more secure. These kinds of stuff are usually made of durable steel. Usually, these things come out with a fireproof technology due to which you can feel safe in real-time.

2. Wall Safes – A wall safe is perfect for hiding sensitive documents as well as other precious things in your house. People take help of these safes supplier in Adelaide for keeping their valuable items out of everybody’s sight. You can also get it concreted into the wall of your house.

3. Jewelry Safes – All families living in big cities have jewelry locker in their homes for protecting their priceless and valuable jewels. These types of things also reveal a beautiful look with velvet or wood interior. Though this equipment is expensive, nothing is more expensive than your jewelry.


4. Floor Safes – A floor safe is one that can easily be embedded into the concrete floor of your house. Make sure you manage a successful installation avoiding rust that helps you to keep using the thing.

5. Fire Resistant Safes – An ordinary fire resistant is mandatory for protecting the most important documents of your house like property documents, birth certificate, identity proof etc. from damages caused by fire. These are the types of documents that are extremely important to the owner of the house.

6. Gun Safes – If you have a valuable gun in your home you need to keep it protected from threats like fire and theft. These types are available in various sizes, depending on the size of your gun.

The best method of purchasing the perfect one is by deciding what you want to keep in it and then contact any reliable local locksmith company. Buy safes in Adelaide or in any other city and keep your valuable kinds of stuff secured from any unqualified access.

Marion Locksmiths come out with all exclusive options and you can thus get familiar with all positive aspects. They offer the best quality ensuring that you get all good things.


Tips for Installing Safes

Safety and security of the person and property have a great importance. Different security options include the use of security camera, safety latches, safety door, storage safes, etc. People across the world have started understanding the importance of using the security options. It has become necessary to safeguard the property and belongings.

Need of Safes:

Day to day expenses is increasing due to advancement in science and technology. Adelaide is one of the developed cities and is even an expensive place to stay. It results in burglary and criminal acts. Hence, the people of this city have started using the safes for storage of their valuables. Safes in Adelaide help to keep the valuable things under lock and key. Thus, prevents the things from theft and burglary.

Safes Adelaide

Types of Safes:

There are various types of safes depending on its purpose of use. The different types of safes include:

  • Safes for residential use: Fire safes, Burglary safes, Gun safes, Jewellery safes etc.
  • Safes for commercial use: Bank vaults, Hotel safes, Office safes, etc.

Safes can also be classified as mechanical safes and electronic or the digital safes.

Benefits of Using Key Safes:

There are various advantages of installing the key safes which include:

Security: These key safes help to store the valuables safely within the house. These can be floor safes, wall safes etc. which are placed in such a way that they are not easily located.

Product durability: The material used for the safes is such that it is fire resistant and waterproof. It helps to protect the valuables stored within in case of fire or flood. The safe can withstand various changes in high temperatures. This helps to protect the valuables stored within it in all conditions.

Prevent theft: The safes have either a manual lock or a digital lock. The key is the only option to open the safes. Thus, this system helps to reduce the chances of theft.


Points To Remember While Installation Of Safes:

Safes Installation is very easy but following points need special care:

Approval: Owner should get the key safes approved from the local police before installing them at their house.

Location of the safe: There are myriad of different types of safes are available. Thus, the selection of the safe should depend on the space available for its storage.

Installation of the safe: The installation is easy but it is preferable if the professional installer helps in the installation process. This helps to ensure proper functioning of the device.

Safety code: A security code plays an important role as it helps to access the safe. Thus, it becomes necessary to change the security code at regular interval to have enhanced security.

Insurance cover: The owner can claim the loss due to the incidences of theft and burglary under insurance. Insurance companies have their own specifications that the owner needs to follow.

Special requirements for the insurance claim include the condition for fitting, combination code, etc. This requirement should be as per the company needs in order to claim in case of theft.

‘It is always better to be safe in advance and keep the valuables in safe’. Want to get your safes installed from professionals? Get in touch with us today and keep yourself as well as your belongings secure.

Reasons for finding best locksmiths in Adelaide

Locksmiths can do all kinds of key repairs in Adelaide

With such a variety of fake locksmiths organisations established in Adelaide, utilising such a variety of fake locations, numerous clients of a web crawler are very prone to wind up a casualty of one of the a large number of imposter key repairer organisations since they have intentionally set themselves with a fraud address in any zone they pick, without respect for our laws or the security of the subjects that may inhabit those locations.

There is each chance that somebody, who doesn’t know about this issue will turn into a casualty of a fraud key repairer in Adelaide, on the off chance that, they are bolted out and they look online or scan a printed registry for a neighbourhood key repairer.

Therefore, in the event that you are ever in a jam and can’t get inside your vehicle, you can rely on this expert for help.

So what kind of keys you will repair if employing respectable locksmiths?

In case of emergency, dependably call relatives or companions for proposals.

If you call an organisation and they answer the telephone with a nonexclusive expression like “locksmiths administrations” as opposed to a particular organisation name, be careful. Request the legitimate name of the business. In the event that the individual declines call another key repairer.

Inquire about any kind of extra expenses before you consent to give the key repairer a chance to play out the work. Now and then organisations may charge additional for reacting to bring amidst the night. Likewise inquire as to whether there is any sort of extra charges for mileage or a base expense for an administration     ll.

If the value the key repairer gives when he arrives doesn’t coordinate with the appraisal you were given on the telephone don’t permit the work to be finished.

Adelaide locksmith

Just go for tight and strong security entryways

A few people may not understand this expert not just rolls out keys and improvements the equipment; he or she can introduce steel entryways. Your house is your palace and you need to ensure it’s protected and secure.

Change jolts

In the event that you don’t feel safe in your home or were a casualty of a break in, you’ll need to change out your entryway jolts. A key repairer can go to your property and introduce fresh out of the box new rushes alongside new keys. Along these lines, you’ll have genuine feelings of serenity that your house is more secure.

Open Your Car entryways

There’s never a decent time to be stuck outside your auto in Adelaide. However there are times when you leave your keys in the auto and can’t get in. When you require crisis help, a talented key repairer can help you. Numerous specialists are accessible to address your issues regardless of what time it is.

It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that, you need something as of now in stock, or need custom iron work, these locksmiths Adelaide,  will have the capacity to help you.

How to Avoid Getting Locked Out at 3:00AM

No one likes getting locked out of their home. You feel stupid, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s usually when you’re in a hurry or at an inconvenient time. The good news is that with some handy tips and the number of an Emergency 24 Hours Locksmith in Adelaide just in case, you don’t have to stress.

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First of all, the old spare set of keys can be an absolute lifesaver in these frustrating situations. Of course, it is always a good idea to have a trusted party, possibly a family member or close friend, hold onto a pair so that there is always a plan B. If this person lives in the same suburb that that is going to be a big bonus, especially if your aforementioned lost keys happen to share your car key chain. It might also be worth having a spare set of keys for yourself. This sounds silly, but I you have one set in each handbag that you use frequently for example, then this can be very handy. Perhaps keep one in your wallet, something that is rarely out of your sight.

There is of course the concept of a spare key hidden somewhere on the property, and this can have its ups and downs. A spare key under the doormat or under a conveniently placed flowerpot is going to do more harm than good, as these are the first places burglars will look. If you are going to keep a spare key, be responsible and keep it somewhere obscure. Then again, the other side of the coin is that you don’t want it to be a place that is forgotten by you. A forgotten key is no good to anyone, and in fact it can be dangerous to have unaccounted for keys out there in the world. If you are renting, the next tenant might be at risk because of your error. Spare keys are for emergencies, and should not be relied upon for regular use. When they are relied upon, it is likely that at some time or other someone will leave it in the wrong spot, or it too will get lost.

If you are renting, then there is always the option that you can call your landlord or real estate agent if you happen to get locked out within office hours. For those renting with house mates, these people should be your first port of call. Calling the landlord is fine as a last resort, but is far from ideal. It is normal for everyone to lose their keys every now and then, even for the most responsible people. However, if you find yourself making several calls to your landlord to come and help you out, then it sends the message that you cannot cope with this responsibility and this will likely reflect poorly on you as a tenant. Renters should also be aware that making copies of your keys has implications for your landlord. They chose to rent to you and likely gave you a certain number of keys. They have not yet consented to you making extra copies, and doing so without their permission could have some serious consequences. You will need to formally request making copies, and specify how many you are going to have cut. Perhaps frame your request as being beneficial to your landlord so that you won’t be a nuisance to them if you happen to get locked out.

Of course, if you do find that you are locked out outside of office hours, or simply want to settle the issue without disturbing others, then a locksmith is always the answer. Keep in mind the Efficient 24 hours locksmith service in Adelaide from Marion Locksmiths.

Is Keying Alike a Good Idea?

Keying alike is the process of making a set or suite of locks openable by the one key. It can be incredibly handy in that you only need to carry one key around, but it can also have its downsides in certain situations. Chat to a responsible Adelaide locksmith for a site visit to discuss your situation.

First of all, it should be explicitly stated that keying alike does reduce security. It means that if a person has access to one thing, they have access to the whole lot. This might be what you want, in a business where everyone has the same amount of responsibility and access to the same areas. However, in either a domestic or commercial setting, it also means that a burglar that gets their hands on one key will now be able to enter everywhere. You will be forced to replace the lock, and in this case that means forking out for replacing several rather than just the one that fits your key.

Adelaide Locksmith

Businesses which have a high turnover rate will not be suitable recipients of keying alike services, as it may be easier for keys to fail to be returned and go missing, further jeopardising the security of the premises. Examples of workplaces where keying alike is appropriate may be in busy, medium sized retail stores which have a number of locked store rooms or delivery areas. In a chaotic environment, there is simply no time to fumble with keys. Besides, the security of a storeroom is hardly as crucial as the security of a safe in an office. If you expand and need more locks, or gain more employees and need more keys, then you can simply find your keyed alike lock number and ask your locksmith to create more copies.

Workplaces which have differing responsibilities for different ranks of employee should not use keyed alike locks. Employees should only be able to access areas that they need to access, to avoid temptation and increase culpability. In these situations, a restricted master key system would be best. This allows the boss to access everything with the master key, department heads to access their entire department with restricted master keys, and employees to only access their specific offices or areas with individual keys. These systems can minimise the chances of internal as well as external theft.

One thing to remember with keying alike locks is that they are specially coded, meaning that only your locksmith can arrange to get extra, have them replaced or removed. This is an added safety advantage, in that some random stalker can’t just have your locks changed. However, it is worth making sure you like your locksmith, otherwise you will be tied to them in the future. An unprofessional business which perhaps overcharges or does not perform quality work is not suitable to install your keyed alike locks. Make sure that you have a locksmith you can trust and then keying alike is considered a safe option for homes. It also means that in the event of an emergency, you will be able to find the key to get out instantly.

It should be said many of the advantages of a keyed alike system, mainly finding the right key quickly, could easily be solved with colour coded keys. There are some situations which will benefit from the system without compromising safety. Do your research and weigh up the pros and cons of each side. Please contact Marion Locksmiths to chat to our Respected Adelaide Locksmith Team about whether a keyed alike system is best for you.

Burglar Proof Your Windows

Many residents focus on fortifying their doorways; however this is not the only entrance to the building for a cunning burglar. Not enough people consider the risk that unsecured windows pose, and how a creative locksmith in Adelaide will be able to improve the situation dramatically.

First of all, locking windows is essential. Any model that can be opened from the outside is an extreme weakness in your home security system. There are good locks and there are locks that will snap immediately under any kind of force. Go for reputable brands recommended by your locksmith at Adelaide.

Reinforced glass is an absolute must. You would hope that in the interest of being silent, would-be burglars that come across a locked window would be deterred. Unfortunately, for the more desperate out there, this is not the end of the road. It is quite possible that your window will be shattered so that they can dash in, grab whatever they can find and get out before you realise what’s happened. Reinforced glass, or a safety film applied to regular windows can help reduce this risk.

Carefully consider exactly where your windows are placed when building a new home. A window right next to your front door might look pretty, but it is not practical. Even with the previously mentioned precautions, it is still possible to break glass. A hand sized hole is all it takes for a burglar to have enough access to unlock your door from the inside. This is the exact reason why it is unthinkable to have a door which incorporates a glass panel. Granted, the glass panels in doors are often exceptionally thick, however it is still taking unnecessary risk.

It is obvious, but never leave your valuables in plain view. Safes are good for jewellery and other valuables in that not only does it add a layer of protection, but it takes the objects out of sight. For other possessions, it is not quite so feasible to hide them away. You’re not going to pack up your television every night after watching it. Drawing the curtains is perhaps the easiest way to avoid blatant temptation.

It is not just the window itself that can be protected, but the surrounding area too. Because we know that windows are a popular entry point to burglars, we can use this to our advantage. Put in place some safety measures that startle the burglar in this exact spot. Gravel directly under the window is often recommended, and all around the house for that matter. It is true that walking on gravel creates noise, and this may spook the burglar into running away and trying elsewhere. However, realistically, the crunching of gravel is not going to wake the resident from a deep sleep. While laying gravel is an extra layer of protection, it is not sufficient for total protection.

Bright floodlights that operate with a sensor are a brilliant strategy. The shock of this instantaneous light, combined with the complete loss of any form of cover or hiding place is often enough to turn your thief around. Another good option is prickly flora directly beneath your windows. Just make sure that it is not a dense hedge, as this can actually act like a step up and help a burglar break in. Loose but thorny branches make a good barricade. Just ensure that you don’t plant any greenery directly beside your front door, as it invites someone to hide there, pounce when you open your door, and gain entry without a trace of breaking and entering.

Contact Marion Locksmiths, your Local Locksmith Professional in Adelaide, when you need expert security services for your home.

Bike Theft is on the Rise, So Lose The Excuses

There are some shocking statistics surrounding bicycle crime in Australia. We are considered one of the safest countries in the world, and yet when it comes to these sorts of small scale crimes, the rates are extremely high. We need to avoid complacency and actively protect property with correct storage, insurance and Effective Locksmith Devices in Adelaide.

Cycling Australia has announced that 1 in 10 bicycles will be stolen within five years of purchase. This is an atrocious figure, but the good news is that there are significant steps that can reduce the risk. Perhaps it stems from the oblivious notion that no one needs to lock their bike because crime doesn’t happen. It does happen, and the only way to stop it is by taking preventative measures.

There are some common excuses that bike riders resort to in defence of their risky parking behaviour. One of the leading defences for an unlocked bike is that locks tend to stick and are therefore unreliable, and could leave you stranded. As with most things, the answer is that you get what you pay for. A good quality lock may cost a little more, but those extra dollars sure are worth it when it comes to protecting your $500+ investment. If you have chosen a decent brand, and for some reason do experience an issue with undoing the lock, use graphite. This works with all locking devices, not just bike locks. Avoid oily or greasy lubricants at all costs, as this residue can actually cause a blockage, potentially exacerbating the problem. Graphite will simply clean out all the gunk and rust, leaving you with a smoothly turning mechanism.

Another factor that is commonly overlooked, is that the problem often lies in the key and not in the lock. The grooves and jagged edge of your key need to be retained so the key can effectively open the lock. Over time, wearing down can erode the sharper edges and create problems. The general strength of the key’s structure can also weaken, resulting in a twisted or snapped key. Always try to carry a spare key with you to avoid these dramas.

Perhaps one of the weakest excuses is that the cyclist will lose the key or forget the combination. This is not an excuse at all, as a key can be duplicated and a combination can be recorded in a private location. Alternatively, a combination could be a birthday or other important number that you will not forget.

Theft is only the first half of the problem, and the other half is returning found bikes to their rightful owners. Cycling Australia has also stated that of those bikes found, less than 5% find their way back to the owner because of identification hassles. So, perhaps the biggest tip for bike security is identification, and even tracking. This means engrave your initials somewhere, take a few photos, and even look at a discrete tracker such as a Tile.

Of course, all locking jobs are not equal. Ensure that your bike is properly secured, and the lock isn’t just draped around a fence. Make sure your device is a reputable brand. Always lock up, even if you’re darting into a shop for a minute. It is often these times that present the golden opportunity for thieves. For those overly concerned, make use of several locks. The extra minute it takes to secure your bike will be well worth it when you avoid theft. A bike with two locks next to a bike with one will not be the target. Contact Marion Locksmiths for the most reliable Bicycle Locksmith Professionals in Adelaide.