4 Important Things To Consider While Hiring a Rubbish Removal Company in Melbourne

Keeping your family is the first priority as your family’s health concerns. You may be wondering why this is so. Well, according to doctors, dust, bacteria, and toxins in the air affect your life more than you can imagine. You can get problems like allergies and other similar issues such as asthma. But, doing the proper cleaning is not basically an easy task to do. Nowadays, people have a busy schedule and can’t get sufficient time for excellent cleaning. So, hiring a rubbish removal company in Melbourne is the best option. From abundant reputed companies, choose the best as per your requirement.

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish is not produced only from home, but there are other kinds of wastes as well, such as commercial, industrial and general. If you have a lot of waste to throw off, it is better to hire a rubbish removal company. These companies do not only remove the waste, but also recycle as much as possible.

If you are going to hire a professional rubbish removal company, keep in mind the below tips.

Things to consider

  • Kind of a waste- When you are going to hire a rubbish removal company, consider the kind of waste you want to eliminate. Yes, kind of waste, there are different kinds of waste like home, commercial, manufacturing. It is not necessary that all companies remove all kinds of waste and hence it is crucial to hire a company which accomplishes your needs. For an instance, if you are renovating and it has produced some waste, you will need that company who provides these services.

  • Cost matters- Yes, it is an important element while hiring a rubbish removal company. A cheap company may not provide high-quality services. On the hand, it is always not the fact that an expensive company has highly skilled and experienced team. Choose a company which suits your budget, but never compromise with quality services.


  • Search well- There are numerous companies around which provide great services with affordable charges. For this, you should make some effort to search around. You can browse various sites also as nowadays many companies provide online services. You can check their websites regarding their services and equipment using.

  • The reputation of a company- Before hiring any affordable rubbish removal company, ensure about its reputation. Obviously, it is the difficult task to choose the reputed and affordable company among multiple companies. In this regard, you can take recommendations from your friends or relatives or take the help of the internet. By this way, you can easily find the reputed company.

If you have lots of waste to be removed, don’t get panic. Follow the above tips and hire the best company. For your any rubbish removal need, hire the Must collect rubbish. We always use the latest tools to provide great services. We provide a range of services such as domestic, commercial and industrial as well. Our rubbish removal team is highly skilled and experienced. We offer these services with affordable charges.


Turn Your Waste Removal Chore Into a Project

Clear your weekend schedule and tackle your home decluttering once and for all. For the inner neat-freak, a whole-home decluttering is worth all the hard work for the extra space and sense of accomplishment that follows. Once you’ve organised your trusty waste removal provider in melbourne, then you’re ready to get your hands dirty.

Waste Removal Melbourne

The first thing to do is to order a skip bin or rubbish removal service so that you know what kind of storage you have to work with. You can either hire a bin and have it delivered beforehand so that you can position it conveniently and transfer all your trash into the bin in the one easy move, or you can hire a removal service which will come and pick up a pile of trash for you. If you choose the former, you will need to have the bin on site in advance to avoid moving everything twice.

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to get sorting. Be brutal, and if you spend too much time thinking about memories associated with each little trinket, not only will you waste a whole lot of time, but you will also not end up throwing anything away. Recruit a strong minded friend to help you through it, someone that will tell you when you are being unproductive and someone that has the will to say a definitive yes or no. For those really on the fence items, put them in the maybe pile and go through them again later after you’ve had time to think. This way you’re still being efficient but won’t run the risk of getting rid of something important to you.

If you find that you’re quickly running out of room in your bin or that you pile of rubbish is getting far too large, then start to think of other ways of getting rid of your goods. Take a few quick photos of bulk good condition items and post on Facebook, telling friends and family to come and grab what they like. Also place this on Gumtree and see what sort of response you get. If you can spare a day on a weekend, then a garage sale is a great way to get rid of things quickly and also get to know your neighbours.

If selling for a small price doesn’t work, then you can always give your things away to someone in need. Charity shops welcome donations in most cases, otherwise a local shelter might appreciate them. If all else fails, see how much of your rubbish is recyclable or even reusable to decrease your contribution to landfill. Ultimately there will be a fair portion of your rubbish which will need to go in a skip, and you can do your part for the environment by choosing an eco-friendly business which is determined to recycle where possible.
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Waste Removal Is a Must For When You Move House

Moving into a new place is exciting, thinking about where things will go and how you will decorate your new space. However, before the fun stuff can happen, you will first need to clear out the junk that you will not bring with you. This is where effective waste removal services in Melbourne come in handy.

Waste Removal Melbourne

Many people choose to organise a hard rubbish collection due to the number of larger pieces that they wish to get rid of. This can be a good idea in some cases, but it has its shortcomings. Primarily, the date of a hard rubbish collection is determined by the council. If the date they give you is not ideal then there is not much you can do about it. Ideally, you would want this collection to be a day or two before you move out entirely and hand over the keys. In most people’s experience, you will actually have more waste than you initially predict. As you start the moving process you find that there are more and more items from storage to furniture that you don’t want to bring with you. Having your rubbish day too early would mean that you discover more waste following the removal and require another. Then again, you probably won’t want your removal to be on moving day, as you will be busy moving and don’t have the time to move your belongings onto the curb. Most councils stipulate that rubbish for removal cannot be put out more than one evening before the scheduled pick up, so your timing needs to be good.

As well as the timing, there is of course the problem of capacity. Hard rubbish will only take a trailer load, and many home owners who are moving find that they have far more than that to dispose of. This is where it makes sense to arrange your own means of rubbish disposal, as you can choose the size that suits you, as well as the date of delivery.

The alternatives of forgetting and organising no waste removal are both negative. Firstly, you could leave the house in a poor condition and as a result either risk not getting your bond back in a rental, or leaving your home to go on the market in an unappealing state. Even ‘renovator’s delight’ properties need to be presentable where possible. Secondly, you could take your rubbish with you to your new place and then work out how to get rid of it. This really just doubles your effort and besides, your new place should be reserved for only the things you really want. It is about decluttering as much as it is about moving in.

Finally, moving is a huge job. On the day of the actual move if you’re doing it yourself with a trailer, it will be exhausting. Even if you are hiring a van with people to do the heavy lifting, the mental strain of organising schedules, preparing and cleaning is enough to drive you mad. Choose a rubbish service that doesn’t add to your list of chores, but actually decreases it. Unlike a skip, a rubbish service will hand load your trash and do it for you. Take a well-earned break amidst a busy schedule. Get in touch with Must Collect Rubbish  to learn more about organising Easy Waste Removal in Melbourne.

Tackle That Gardening Project

Have you been putting off taming the jungle that is growing in your backyard? It’s time to clear your weekend schedule and attack it head on. Just be sure to arrange premium green waste removal services in Melbourne in advance.

A working bee at your house can quickly make you realise just how much work needs to be done. You might begin with weeding the garden beds only to discover that your fence posts are rotting or that your retaining walls are crumbling. If you interrupt your momentum you’ll never get back to it, so it is always a wise choice to leave plenty of time for this type of project to allow for these obstacles that must be overcome.

It is so important to think about Waste Removal in Melbourne before you get going. First of all, skips are not always available on the day and so this can limit when you can get started. Secondly, it limits the amount of labour you have to perform. If you begin work and start piling up your offcuts, only to order a bin at a later date, then you will have to lift all of these heavy items a second time to load them into the bin.

Waste Rremoval Melbourne

If you only have a very minimal amount of debris, then hiring a skip to arrive the day of your project is best. Of course, when working with green waste such as shrubs, trees and even decking or fencing, items are going to be all different shapes and sizes. When you stack them into a skip bin, no matter how carefully you do so, there are going to be gaps. This means space that you have paid for is going to waste. More often than not, items aren’t even stacked carefully; they’re simply thrown in without a second thought.

For those in the garden wanting either better value for their money, or simply to get rid of more material than a skip bin can handle, then there is a far better option on the table. Some waste companies are now offering a moving service for your waste. Instead of getting you to do all the hard work at quite a high price, they are doing the opposite. Better yet, you don’t need to arrange it before you begin your working bee. Simply get stuck into it and pile up all of your waste in an accessible area of the garden. Then, make a call and a couple of staff will arrive in a truck to collect your rubbish. Don’t be intimidated by the size of the truck, because this is actually a far more affordable option. The company will load your rubbish for you, but stack it in the most efficient way possible so that it uses less space. Then, they will only charge you for the space that your material used, rather than the cost of if the entire truck was filled, as is done with a skip bin. This lack of a fixed fee means that you are much more flexible to do as little or as much as you want without feeling like you have to make the most of a bin while it is there to get your money’s worth.

Chat to Must Collect Rubbish at Mustcollectrubbish.com.au and book your first waste removal appointment in Melbourne.

Pruning trees? Organise Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne

There are many reasons why you may need to prune trees at your Melbourne home, and when you do, you should organise garden waste removal. However, when it comes to pruning, understanding the basics can help you to take care of the pruning work yourself. You don’t have to complete the pruning yourself, for larger trees or thicker branches, it may be more beneficial to hire a professional arborist. Any pruning that requires high climbing or chainsaws, should be left to trained and experienced professionals. This also goes for your garden waste removal in Melbourne. Here, we answer all your pruning questions so you can keep your plants healthy and in shape.

Why should you prune?

Pruning is used for a variety of reasons. Pruning can assist in removing diseased or storm-damaged tree branches, and promoting new growth in flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. You may also need to prune your trees in order to remove tall or obstructing branches, or to shape a tree so it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

When is the best time to prune?

Dead tree branches can be pruned any time of year, however you might want to be more conscientious about this leading up to a high fire season, or before the wet season is expected to bring vicious storms. Pruning away dry branches will help to better protect homes in case there are bush fires, and by keeping on top of large, overhanging branches there is less chance that these may come down during a heavy storm.

Garden Waste Removal Melbourne       Garden Waste Removal Melbourne

How much should you remove when you are pruning?

Realistically you should remove as much that needs to be removed with bigger trees, however with smaller shrubs and bushes, you don’t need to remove too much as this can place further stress on a plant, increasing the chance of disease and insects affecting it. When looking to prune, look to trim branches that have weak, V-shaped and narrow angles. These are usually younger branches. Keep the branches that have much stronger U-shaped angles. You should aim to have a ratio of two-thirds from living crown to tree height, and don’t remove branch collars, or leave too much of a large stub.

What is the best way to prune?

When you have some branches that need pruning, you should ensure that you prune undesirable branches while at the same time protecting the plant’s stem or trunk of the tree. As you are pruning, make your cuts on the branch side of the stem collar, as this will protect the stem and the other branches that will grow from it. By cutting on the branch side, you will also help improve the healing on your plant or tree.

If you have a few plants or shrubs, these tips will help you to ensure it blooms beautifully. If you have a big pruning job or large trees, you can hire an experienced company to do the pruning for you. Once your pruning is completed, simply hire a professional to provide your garden waste removal in Melbourne. A great company that can help remove all your branches after a pruning is Mustcollectrubbish.com.au. Must Collect Rubbish can take care of all your Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne for you. To organise your garden waste removal in Melbourne after your pruning, phone Must Collect Rubbish on 03 9773 0636.

Reduce Office Waste Removal

While many offices these days have some sort of recycling initiative in place, many have plenty of room for improvement. Is your workplace doing enough to minimise the need for frequent waste removal in Melbourne and instead reuse and recycle where possible?

Of course, the best possible plan of attack is to not create the same amount of waste in the first place. Most offices still go through an excessive amount of paper on a daily basis. With multi-purpose printing, scanning and copying machines it is so easy to just press a button and use a whole ream of paper. The best advice is to think before you ink. Does this item really need to be printed, or is it just out of habit? Obviously things will need to be posted to clients, however many of your internal documents can be emailed around and read online.

When you do need to print lengthy pieces, always opt for double sided printing. Most people know that they should be doing double sided printing, but without a specialised function on your printer that flips the pages for you, it can be a bit of a confusing process. If you only have a single sided printer, you can still print every odd page, and then flip the stack and print even pages on the other side. Ask a co-worker to show you if unsure, or experiment with a couple of pages. Making a simple mistake with this process on a long document could be a huge waste of paper. For printing that is no longer needed, keep a scrap paper tray. Instead of keeping a pad by the telephone for example, use scrap paper to jot down notes. Other tasks, such as brainstorming, can typically waste a lot of paper. If you are one of those people that need a hundred screwed up attempts to get that great idea, then make sure you use scrap paper wherever possible.

Waste Removal in Melbourne

Take a refill-rather-than-replace attitude across the whole office. Items such as ink cartridges and pens can be refilled, often for less money. Items such as packing boxes should always be reused. Keep large boxes from deliveries flattened in a closet. They take up virtually no room, and will come in handy when the office does a move or a reshuffle. Keep things tidy. When the office is messy, items get lost and are replaced unnecessarily. How many times have you searched your desk for a pen, when you bought a whole packet a week ago? Likewise it is easy to lose track of papers when they are buried on your desk, and so you print off another copy.

The most important thing is each person working together to do a small part of the workload. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to have widespread employee awareness and education about the issue. This all sounds very rigid and boring, but many offices make use of a ‘staff swap day’, where books and DVDs that are no longer wanted are brought in and traded. It’s a nice break from the usual routine, everyone can get a free gift and most importantly it helps to reaffirm your values of minimising waste.

No office is going to be totally waste-free, and it is often about making responsible disposal choices. Have a recycling bin collected as well as garbage. Choose a bin collector which is transparent about how they treat green waste or recyclables. Get in touch with Must Collect Rubbish today at to speak with the Commercial Waste Removal Team in Melbourne about their services.