The 5 best qualities of water pumps Adelaide

When it comes to safety and optimum performance then you must look no further. We are bringing you the products which you exactly need to fit into your premises and also work conveniently without the requirement of much maintenance. What do you think you need to look for when buying water pumps for your house? Don’t bother, we got it covered for you. We are presenting the best of the features that you need to see when buying filter water pumps Adelaide.

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Here are the 5 best qualities of water pumps Adelaide

1. The strength of water pumps

The primary feature of these water pump is to carry the substantial amount of water from one place to another place. The flow of water is at times done under the heavy pressure which creates the extreme force on the pump. Therefore the water pumps ought to have the extreme durability that can support the high amount of pressure from the speedy water flow. It should be enduring enough to tolerate the pressure of the water flow without decrementing the quality of the pump. The greater the strength of the pump, the long-lasting and better working they would be. For the various kinds of purposes, the suitable water pump is available that suffices all the needs for the respective objective.

2. The flow rate of the pump

As I talked earlier about the water flow, the rate of water flow of the pump is an important factor also when buying water pumps. The flow rate is simply equal to how many liters of water flows through the pump in one minute. The more amount of flow rate equals to more work done in less time smoothly. So consider buying water pumps of good flow rate. The required flow rate of the pump would be different for different locations, aims, etc. For instance, for the home, you might require approximately 100-200 liter per minute and for any other purpose such as industrial, the greater amount of flow rate would be required.

3. Maximum head

To what extent of height can the water be pumped by the water pump is what its maximum head is. Make sure to buy a water pump of optimum height. It is, however, usually suggested to buy a water pump whose maximum head is greater than your basic requirement as the flow rate declines with height. Know what is the maximum head ideal for your requirement by contacting us today!

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4. Inlet size of the water pumps Adelaide

You want a water pump that can do the job and be efficient and be long-lasting. This also depends upon the inlet size of the pump. The more the size of the inlet, the quicker your work is done. You would surely want the work to be done faster and smoothly, right? So pay the good amount of attention to the inlet size of the water pump.

5. What is the type of water pumps you are looking for?

There are different types of water pumps available that vary greatly in their features and the services they offer. Consider the factors that help you analyze the exact kind of water pump suiting your premises and expectations.

For any queries or more information about water pumps Adelaide, you can contact u Taylormadetanks now at 04 2378 9057 or visit our website here. We are always happy to serve you!


Use of The Rainwater Harvesting Pumps in Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia which has a Mediterranean climate and receives moderate rainfall annually.

Adelaide is said to be the driest city in Australia thus, the people in this city have started harvesting the rainwater. In rainwater harvesting, the water is collected from roofs, dams, ponds, etc. This helps in accumulation of the water which can be further used.

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So You’ve Decided To Look At Rainwater Tanks In Adelaide

With so many financial and environmental benefits, it is not surprising that more and more Australians are recognising the value of professional rainwater tanks installation in Adelaide. Persuading customers that they need a tank is not a hard sell, as the advantages really speak for themselves. Instead, it is often the set up and accessories side of things where customers require more assistance and advice on purchasing rainwater tanks in Adelaide. Good thing we’ve got the questions that you need to ask yourself before purchasing a rainwater tank.

Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

Where are you thinking of putting your rainwater tanks in Adelaide?

Firstly, you will want to assess where the tank water is going to be used. If it is intended for inside the house, such as for flushing the toilet or use in the washing machine, then this might require some more in depth pipe fitting. Talk to a plumber or tank specialist about how you could best install connections throughout your home or maximum efficiency. Once you have arranged this, then you can begin talks of pumps and filtration systems, again depending on the intended usage.

What are you looking for in rainwater tanks for your Adelaide property?

The actual tank itself will require a number of features to ensure a long and successful product life. The concrete slab foundation upon which your tank sits is also of immense importance. This part is often brushed off because it is barely seen. There are regulations in place regarding the weight and thickness that this slab needs to be to support different tank sizes. If it is too weak, it will crack and potentially cause damage to the tank and entire system.

Are you ready to talk accessories for rainwater tanks in Adelaide?

Most of the accessories that you will be looking at will aim to minimise leaves and other debris from entering your water supply. The best approach to achieving this is with several layers of defence. You will need some reliable gutter mesh fitted to all exposed gutters to prevent debris entering the system. These also work wonders for allowing the water to flow without obstacles. Leaf eaters are devices that can be fitted at the top of downpipes and drains to catch anything that may have passed through. Finally, a second mesh screen should be installed at the mouth of your tank. By now, all of the larger debris has been removed from the water. This means that a finer mesh is required to filter those smaller particles. This mesh also serves to combat mosquitoes, as a supply of stagnant water is their ideal breeding ground.

How can you avoid contamination in your water tank?

Another feature to assist with minimising contamination is a first flush diverter. These are particularly popular with Australian tanks. Our climate is highly unique in that we have some steady rainfall throughout winter and autumn, followed by long periods of drought. In one sense, this means that rainwater tanks are perfect for us. We can gather water when it is available and have a supply when it is dry. However, it does also mean that when the first rains of autumn fall, our roofs have not been washed in a long time. Anything from bird droppings to mould and of course sticks and dirt has built up over the months. The last thing we want is that in our rainwater supply. The first flush diverter will send the first 60 litres of water away from your tank, effectively washing your roof.

For more detailed rainwater tanks advice in Adelaide, do not hesitate to contact Taylor Made Tanks.

How Rainwater Tanks Can Assist The Local Community In Adelaide

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

For many homeowners, installing rainwater tanks on their Adelaide properties has changed the way they live. No longer do they live pay check to pay check, stressing about the next big water bill that arrives. Utilising rainwater not only helps the environment, but can also reduce the load on your back pocket. If you too would like to reap the benefits of free, clean water, it’s time to bite the bullet and install a rainwater tank. If you still have reservations about taking the plunge, then read about the additional benefits you can enjoy.

Local community
Installing a rainwater tank in your yard not only benefits your family, but the entire local community. Firstly, relying on an alternative water source, rather than mains water, reduces the community’s reliance on the public water supply, therefore easing a part of the load on utilities. Furthermore, utilizing rainwater actually decreases the erosion, flooding and pollution runoff that is related with strong rainfall.

There are many green thumbs out there that desire to keep their garden green all year. After much work in winter, individuals are usually disappointed when they can’t keep up with the their regular watering routine in summer, owing to water restrictions. After so much hard work in the cooler months, summer often undoes all of it and turns your garden an unpleasant shade of yellow. Fortunately, rainwater can put an end to this cycle and allow you to enjoy your green garden, all year round. Rainwater is actually a much better source to water your garden with, as it has been found tap water actually can prevent plant growth. With tap water containing softeners, it can put a halt on your plant growth.

A good way to cut down your growing water bills is to utilize rainwater. Once you have a rainwater tank set up, the rainwater you catch yourself is essentially a free and clean water source. While it is not advices to consume the water without running some cleansing treatments, you can use it for other uses in your house. Rainwater is perfect to use as toilet water, and also in the laundry. Furthermore, as rainwater contains less minerals than tap water, it is ideal for washing the dishes and also shampooing your hair.

Extend the life of your pipes
Many people don’t realize but tap water is not the purest form of water. It has minerals and salts added to make it safe for our consumption. While this is good for our health, it’s not good for our pipes. The salt contained in water can end up corroding your pipes and water heater. Utilising rainwater is a good way to stop this process. For those not keen to make the switch, water purification systems can be implemented to avoid corrosion of your pipes and water heater.

Now you know what you are missing out on, it’s time to make the switch. Say goodbye to mains water and hello to clean, free rainwater. Not only are you earning many benefits for you and your family, but you are also benefiting the environment and local community. To make the most of the water that falls from the sky, you need to talk to a professional. The team at Taylor Made Tanks are the Experts in rainwater tanks in Adelaide. They have a range of tanks available that will suit your home.

A Built On Site Tank Offers The Best Deal

For those with limited property access, an onsite rain water tank assembled in Adelaide is the solution. These days, land space on our property is in short supply. Any spare space that there is, is often filled with a carport, pergola or swimming pool in an effort to stack on value to the home. This can make the traditional transport of a premade tank onto your property rather difficult.

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

The traditional way of bringing a tank onsite is to use heavy lifting machinery. The tank is then lowered onto a per-prepared base. It is essential to spend adequate time and effort in getting this foundation perfect. It needs to be totally level, otherwise when the tank is filled the uneven weight will cause extra strain and pressure. Every 1000 litres of water weighs a tonne, and this does not include the weight of the tank itself. The foundation also needs to be thick and wide enough so that there will never be any unnecessary damage. The base should be a reinforced concrete slab which is at least 100mm thick, and be wider than the tank by 100mm all around. This base preparation is exactly the same when the tank is constructed onsite.

Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

If your access is blocked, then there are two alternatives to building on site, both which have their disadvantages. First of all, you may choose to go with several smaller tanks which together offer the same capacity as the one large tank. In theory this is a good solution, but in reality it will cost far more than the single tank. Not only will the tanks themselves use more material and therefore cost more, but the installation will be more complex, and if anything goes wrong, finding the problem will also likely cost more. One time when this option may be preferable is if you want to have two different classes of water. You might want one tank for drinking water that will need to be thoroughly cleaned and filtered, and another for graywater or watering the garden that doesn’t need so much attention. This way, you don’t have to do as much work on as great a space.

The other alternative is to hire a crane to lift in your large tank. Of course, this is incredibly expensive, and still in some cases the space will be an issue. You might need a spare block next door which is a luxury many cannot afford. As well as distance and cost, there are other obstacles such as trees, power lines and soft ground that make this option unsuitable in a large number of cases.

A built on site tank allows safe transport of all of the tank sheets onto the property. Few businesses offer this, as it involves a separate rolling process at factory level. The installation team only needs the space of a standard doorway as access to your property, meaning if the need be, we are able to come through the house. Once there, we will build your tank from the ground up, just as we would do in our factory. This is the benefit of dealing with a business that both manufactures and installs their own products.

Onsite assembly has the added benefit of being adapted to fit ot your surroundings. For example, many people appreciate that a tank can be hidden from view in a number of creative ways, such as under an existing deck. An onsite team will work with these restrictions on your property, rather than making something offsite which potentially clashes. To discuss a competitive rain water tank quote in Adelaide, contact Taylor Made Tanks.