Putting in a New Fence? Throw Out Your Old One With Green Waste Removal in Melbourne

If your garden fence is looking worse for wear, don’t sit on the fence anymore about it, make your mind up to throw it out with help from green waste removal in Melbourne. Once you have gotten rid of your old one, you can arrange a new one. A new garden fence will not only look great on your property, but you’ll have much needed privacy and security that your old fence may have lacked. Don’t feel daunted about installing a new fence yourself, here’s some great tips to help you erect your new garden fence.

Decide on a new style of fence

Fences might not seem important, however, a fence can be as functional or fashionable as you desire. There are plenty of options you can choose from, and your final choice might depend on what the main purpose is that you need it for. Knowing whether it is for decoration, safety, or privacy, can determine what materials you should choose for your fence. You will also need to think about if you fence posts will be set in the ground with just gravel and dirt, or set permanently with concrete.

Gather the tools

Before you even start pulling your fence down (if it’s not falling down on its own accord), it’s a good idea to have the right tools ready for the job. To get started you’ll need fence panels and posts, a tape measure, spirit level, nails, saw, hardware or heavy duty gloves, eye protection, and a post hole digger or shovel.

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Pull down your old fence

Now you’ve got what you need to remove your old fence and install an new one, you need to get rid of your old fence. Once you’ve pulled it all down and dug out the posts, get some help to remove the mess for you. A company that specialises in Green Waste Removal in Melbourne will be able to get rid of anything you don’t want or need for your new fence. Once the old fence is gone, you’re ready to start putting up your new fence.

Position your posts

The exact installation process will vary depending on the type of fence you have chosen, however, there are a few tips that extend across the different types of fences. To start putting up a new fence, make sure that you properly position you fence posts. Correctly positioned fence posts will provide stability and add longevity to your fence. To position the posts for your new fence, make sure they are no more than 6 feet apart (use your tape measure and mark accordingly). In fact, the closer your posts are together, the stronger the fence will be. Heavy-duty posts should be positioned at the corners of your fence to provide extra support at the anchor points. Once you have put in your fence posts, allow the cement (if you used cement) to dry for 24 hours before putting up the rest of the fence.

Once your fence is up, you can add any latches or gates that you need to. If you have any left-over rubbish, fence posts, or trees and shrubs that you had to dig up in order to put up your new fence; you can get rid of those by calling a professional green waste removal company in Melbourne. You can trust Mustcollectrubbish.com.au to come to you, and assist with your green waste removal in Melbourne. Call Must Collect Rubbish today for green waste removal in Melbourne on 03 9773 0636.


Pruning trees? Organise Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne

There are many reasons why you may need to prune trees at your Melbourne home, and when you do, you should organise garden waste removal. However, when it comes to pruning, understanding the basics can help you to take care of the pruning work yourself. You don’t have to complete the pruning yourself, for larger trees or thicker branches, it may be more beneficial to hire a professional arborist. Any pruning that requires high climbing or chainsaws, should be left to trained and experienced professionals. This also goes for your garden waste removal in Melbourne. Here, we answer all your pruning questions so you can keep your plants healthy and in shape.

Why should you prune?

Pruning is used for a variety of reasons. Pruning can assist in removing diseased or storm-damaged tree branches, and promoting new growth in flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. You may also need to prune your trees in order to remove tall or obstructing branches, or to shape a tree so it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

When is the best time to prune?

Dead tree branches can be pruned any time of year, however you might want to be more conscientious about this leading up to a high fire season, or before the wet season is expected to bring vicious storms. Pruning away dry branches will help to better protect homes in case there are bush fires, and by keeping on top of large, overhanging branches there is less chance that these may come down during a heavy storm.

Garden Waste Removal Melbourne       Garden Waste Removal Melbourne

How much should you remove when you are pruning?

Realistically you should remove as much that needs to be removed with bigger trees, however with smaller shrubs and bushes, you don’t need to remove too much as this can place further stress on a plant, increasing the chance of disease and insects affecting it. When looking to prune, look to trim branches that have weak, V-shaped and narrow angles. These are usually younger branches. Keep the branches that have much stronger U-shaped angles. You should aim to have a ratio of two-thirds from living crown to tree height, and don’t remove branch collars, or leave too much of a large stub.

What is the best way to prune?

When you have some branches that need pruning, you should ensure that you prune undesirable branches while at the same time protecting the plant’s stem or trunk of the tree. As you are pruning, make your cuts on the branch side of the stem collar, as this will protect the stem and the other branches that will grow from it. By cutting on the branch side, you will also help improve the healing on your plant or tree.

If you have a few plants or shrubs, these tips will help you to ensure it blooms beautifully. If you have a big pruning job or large trees, you can hire an experienced company to do the pruning for you. Once your pruning is completed, simply hire a professional to provide your garden waste removal in Melbourne. A great company that can help remove all your branches after a pruning is Mustcollectrubbish.com.au. Must Collect Rubbish can take care of all your Garden Waste Removal in Melbourne for you. To organise your garden waste removal in Melbourne after your pruning, phone Must Collect Rubbish on 03 9773 0636.