Things to know while getting rainwater tanks in Adelaide

Installing rainwater tank in Adelaide is a smart way for everyone. They are especially helpful in zones that experience times of low precipitation and high temperatures, as they can store water from past stormy seasons for use as water system when the atmosphere does not accommodate the garden. To be sure, in one such nation, Australia, the establishment of water tanks is winding up increasingly prominent, with in excess of a fourth of mortgage holders presently have one on their property.

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Uses of collecting water

These tanks harvest the water that falls on a property’s rooftop, occupying the spill out of the guttering into a tank, instead of enabling it to enter the deplete. The put-away water can be utilized to inundate your plot, however, can likewise be used in flushing the latrine and running clothing apparatuses. Since the water caught in the tanks, assuming free, you will save money on water bills, and in addition, abstaining from squandering water. Other gainful effects of collecting water incorporate less expense to the network by keeping up and refreshing funnels, dams and treatment plants to supply city water; diminish harm to living spaces from stormwater overflow, especially in urban regions where there are a lot of impermeable surfaces; and the water has not been treated with synthetic substances, as the civil supply has.

Things to consider while choosing

If you are thinking about introducing a types of rainwater tank on your site, there are various things to consider. The span of your property will be vital, as will the measure of precipitation you get in your area, the extent of the rooftop from which you will gather the water, and the utilization you wish to put the water too. Another thought is the material the tank is produced using. Your decision will be connected to different variables, for example, space and utilize, yet unique materials additionally have diverse properties that will influence your choice.

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How does it work?

Initially, you require a marginally lifted surface, the rooftop ordinarily has the most surface territory, where dilute can keep running into a diverting framework, most regularly your canals, and after that into a catchment region, which is a water tank fitted with a channel framework. From here, contingent upon your use propensities, water can again be diverted to your home, which will enable it to be utilized in the washroom, kitchen, for clothing or even the garden. It is a righteous method for utilizing water when confinements are actualized.

Reasonable, Reliable and simple to keep up

A Rainwater Harvesting System is a reasonable answer for a worldwide water deficiency issue. It is to a great degree dependable and exceptionally intended to last you a lifetime when appropriately cared for. Keeping up your framework is as basic as keeping the region around your tank clean, expelling flotsam and jetsam and leaves from your drain occasionally when required, and cleaning your rooftop. Making these easy strides guarantees the solidness of your framework as well as protecting your water clean and safe.

If you need a good quality rainwater tank, negotiate the Taylor made tanks. We have practical experience in the expert plan and establishment of rain reaping frameworks and fabricate steel water tanks in our industrial facility at Salisbury South in Adelaide. Bring in and look at our broad scope of steel and poly tanks, pumps and adornments or book a free no commitment in a home statement today.


Why do you require poly tanks Adelaide instead of metal tanks for storing water?

Polythene tanks, commonly known as poly tanks, are widely used for storing water. Read the full article in order to know why you should purchase quality poly rainwater tanks Adelaide or in any other city instead of metal tanks.

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Let us explain to you the advantages of using poly tanks in detail.

1) They don’t corrode

The most important benefit of using poly tanks is that they are corrosion resistant, something that you can never expect from metal tanks. This is because of the presence of UV-inhibitors in poly tanks that protect its plastic from being degraded by the scorching heat of the sun.

2) Food grade plastic is used

If you are wondering whether drinking water stored in poly tanks is good for your health or not, you need to know that food grade plastic is used for making these tanks and therefore, there is no reason to worry about purity. Metal tanks, on the contrary, may have plastic lining and corroded material may infect your potable water.

3) These tanks are versatile

A metal tank is less versatile than a poly tank as it comes in different sizes and shapes. If you have a small house and limited space in the backyard, you can still install a poly tank that’ll fit into that space. So, you can choose any model of poly tanks Adelaide according to your taste and requirement.

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4) They are lightweight

Positioning the poly tank is quite easier than positioning a metal tank. They are flexible and lightweight and therefore, you can easily install a poly tank. All you need is a flat spot and make sure that the spot does not have any sharp thing. Some of these tanks are designed in such a way that you can easily place them underground. Metal tanks, on the other hand, require concrete base and steel rings.

5) They are not expensive

Another big advantage of poly tanks is that you can easily afford it.

6) Maintenance is easy

Maintenance of poly tanks is easier than that of metal tanks. Maintaining poly tanks is no big deal and any person can clean these tanks.

7) They last longer

Poly tanks are made of durable and rough polyethylene plastic. So, they do not have joints or side seams like metal tanks that become weakened after some years. The structural strength of poly tanks is also commendable and they can remain on your rooftop for years.

There is a wide range of poly tanks available at present. They are the most popular water tanks in Australia. In Adelaide, if you want durable poly tanks, Adelaide has several good companies manufacturing excellent quality poly rainwater tanks installation Adelaide.

Get the best choices of Slimline Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

Compared to the past, the houses are getting smaller and more compact in order to cope with the exploding populations in most parts of the world. Expenses are thus reduced and housing gets more affordable. Why can’t we manage with less space, anyway? In rainwater harvesting terms, those large, round tanks may no longer fit into congested homes. Best slimline rainwater tanks in Adelaide have a variety of square and rectangular containers that will squeeze into the available space in the corner or along the narrow passage. For ecological reasons, we should be saving precious water among the scarce resources like power and air for conservation reasons and the better future of the planet.

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Choose anywhere from 600 liter to 70000 liter capacity

Arrange it according to need. Perhaps a tap fitted to the tank is all that is needed for routine uses. The tank could connect with the irrigation system or the plumbing needs of the home.

The volume of rainwater that could be harvested is almost infinite. Larger tanks could be interconnected to increase storage to a great extent.

If you are bothered about thickness, a variety is available that commences from a very thin 550 mm. Plenty of thickness variations are available.

Besides, the slimline rainwater Tanks Adelaide are going to last forever into the next generation. Australian Bluescope Aquaplate Steel is the material that goes into the manufacture and the prettiest colors would be provided, according to customer dreams. Bluescope’s 20 Year Aquaplate Warranty is the word against rusting and corrosion. It is too good to be true in many senses like the blessings of the rainwater through the season for a variety of purposes. It is a one time investment that pays for itself over and over.

Slimline Rainwater Tanks Adelaide

Consult for quotes and installations, DIY if preferred

Once the decision is made, we will follow up with the most appropriate quotations and all the accessories needed. Get the Pumps, filters and first flush diverters. Some people are interested in DIY or our trained workers will install everything perfectly.

Cost effective poly tanks, if chosen

Similar slim line styles or round configurations of tanks are also available in polyethylene that serves the similar rainwater harvesting purpose. These are manufactured from virgin food grade polyethylene according to strict Australian standards and carry a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Would you fancy the mighty 22,000 liter round rainwater tank to maintain a huge garden or a slimline tank for a small garden? Our staff will help with choices and the installation down to the letter. Licensed workers will set up the entire system that includes the base preparation, storm water and gutter connection, the plumbing and the electrical connections.

Go in for the round poly tanks with a choice of capacities, diameters and heights, according to the available space. Match the colors with the home walls or roof.

Taylor Made Tanks – rain harvesting solutions is the answer when it comes to the purchase and installation of slimline rainwater tanks in Adelaide. Get ready for plenty of family fun and happiness for an eternity.

Benefits of Having Steel Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

It is very special if you have a quality Steel Rainwater tanks in your residential area which will help you in many ways. A slimline steel rainwater tanks Adelaide is a common sense, an attractive answer for water stockpiling around homes and business properties. A steel tank is to a great degree valuable, as it gives solid and dependable stockpiling of clean water consistently. Despite the presence of different materials, steel rainwater tanks remain the most brilliant decision as far as similarity, strength and soundly valued. There are so many industries are available in Adelaide if you want to hire a right Steel Rainwater tank for you.

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Huge limit Steel Rainwater tanks have been the fury for so long a period that there now is a wide cluster of extensive limit tanks to browse. This ought not by any stretch of the imagination be shocking considering that they can store so much water that can be utilized for a wide assortment of errands, for example, planting or cultivating, garage washing, dish and garment washing. The terrible thing about having numerous options accessible, notwithstanding, is the inescapable perplexity with regards to choosing a tank for your home. To control you in the choice procedure, here are the things that settle on Steel Rainwater Tanks as an astonishing decision for the Rainwater gathering around in your home.

Colossal Durability

Steel Rainwater Tank is substantially more impervious to consumption in contrast to poly tanks. They can keep going as long as most different types of rainwater tanks. The primary purpose behind this needs to do with the very idea of steel. Steel water tanks are exceptionally strong, and they offer a moderately high protection against harsh materials. They will last longer than a standard tank, and are not influenced by any defenselessness. It remains an alluring option for using in any industry that utilizes destructive materials.

More secure alternative

Steel Rainwater tanks are a non-permeable choice, and along these lines, many microscopic organisms can’t develop in it, and chemicals can’t drain through it. Subsequently, by picking this water tank, your water remains protected, clean, and constantly prepared to utilize. In simple words, it is truly an environmental friendly option.

Benefits of Having Steel Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide - Taylor Made Tanks

Clean and Cost-sparing

Steel rainwater tanks are anything but difficult to perfect, sterile and cost-sparing capacity options. In contrast with different tanks, they are more profitable in view of setting up physical and compound properties. A tank made of stainless steel expands the cleanliness of the capacity things that you are lifting to stockpile. These tanks are durable and tough, as well as certain extremely clean.

They are versatile

Most Steel Rainwater tanks nowadays are intended to be portable when required. On account of steel tanks, they can be moved utilizing a forklift, a truck, or some other appropriate technique for transporting. You can easily carry the tank from one place to another very easily.

Appealing look

Most tanks these days are intended to be incredible to take a gander at. On account of steel tanks, they are intended to look streamlined, proficient, and sparkling. You can likewise have them painted to coordinate with the shade of your home or potentially the encompassing zone.

If you want to pick steel rainwater tank for your home, you can contact the Taylor Made Tanks & Rain Harvesting System. We manufacture our steel rainwater tanks designs with an almost unlimited range size. We have an experience for a long time in this field and you’ll get best quality products from us.

How are Rain Water Tanks Useful?

There are many places all over the world which are badly hit by the adverse conditions of drought. Thus, it becomes necessary to preserve water. The easiest way of water conservation is by rainwater harvesting. The places having adequate rainfall can follow this method to conserve water. The different uses of this harvested rainwater include irrigation, washing, etc. This helps to reduce the dependency on the public source for water. It also helps to maintain the groundwater level.

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About Rainwater Tanks :

The tanks help in the storage of the collected rainwater from the rooftops. This water is helpful in various day to day activities. On treatment, this water can also be useful for various domestic purposes. The location for these tanks can be the rooftop, ground level or underground. Different materials used the rainwater tank include:

  1. Concrete,
  2. Fibreglass,
  3. Stainless steel,
  4. Galvanized steel,
  5. Plastic like polyethylene, PVC, etc.

Types of Rainwater Tanks:

The rainwater tanks are of different types depending on the use or the quantity of water to store. The different types include:

  • Round tanks : These are the commonly used tanks. They are capable of holding a large amount of water. These use the food grade material and available in various sizes.
  • Slim line tanks : These types of tanks are suitable for use in a place where the limited space is available. These tanks fit in smallest available and awkward areas. The capacities of this tank vary from 300L to 5000L.
  • Stackable tanks : These tanks have small modifications which make their lid removable. On removal of the lids, it is possible to stack these tanks. This makes it easy for transportation. On installation of the tank, the lid can be easily refitted.
  • Modular tanks : The tanks have some modification which allows attaching more tanks to each other. This helps to increase the capacity of water storage whenever required. These tanks can fit in the smallest space available.
  • Poly Rainwater Tanks : Polyethylene is a common material that used immensely in the modern world. It is used for hundreds of applications including manufacturing of poly rainwater tanks. Poly rainwater tanks are most preferred ones.

Rainwater Tanks in Adelaide

Buying Tips for Poly Rainwater Tanks :

There are many suppliers available for the rainwater tanks installation in Adelaide. The tips for buying the best-suited poly rainwater tanks include:

  • Size of the tank : A property owner should first understand the different purposes for using the rainwater. This will help to decide the capacity of the tank needed to hold the required quantity of water. On can buy the tank based on these needs.
  • Shape of the tank : Different types of tanks occupy different areas. Thus, the owner should first check the space available for the installation of the tank. If more space is available, a larger tank can fit. But for smaller space, a slim-line or a narrow poly rainwater tank is more preferred.
  • Opaqueness : The material used for the tank should make them opaque. This is necessary as if the tanks are transparent; it allows the passage of the light. The light entering the tank can lead to a growth of algae. Hence, the owner should buy the poly rainwater tank with proper opaqueness.
  • Warranty period : The supplier of the poly tank should provide some warranty while purchasing the tank. The owner should select the supplier who provides a good quality tank with proper warranty and at an affordable rate.
  • One should buy a good quality poly rainwater tank from a reliable source. In case of any further needs about rain water tanks, you can always get in touch with well known rain water tank suppliers near you.

How to Install Poly rainwater tanks in Adelaide?

Rainwater harvesting is the best method to store rainwater which can be further used for many other purposes like gardens, livestock, irrigation, domestic use after treatment, heating or cooling housing systems. This water can be used as a supplement to the main supply during shortage and also to reduce demands and helps to sustain groundwater levels.

Installation of Rainwater Tanks :

The rainwater harvesting is followed by most of the houses in Adelaide and there are many suppliers for the poly rainwater tanks installation in Adelaide. There are many different aspects that are to be considered before installing the rainwater tanks and these includes:

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Place to install the tank : The place for installation of the tank is very important. There are three main types of tanks depending on the locations where the rainwater tank can be installed and these include the rooftop tanks, the ground tanks and the submerged tanks. A larger tank can be installed if the available place is more.

Capacity of the tank : One should at first decide for what purpose will the rainwater be utilized and depending on it, the capacity of the tank that is to be installed is decided. If one is planning to set up and maintain a small garden or lawn outside their house, sufficient amount of water will be required and a larger tank will be needed.

Pump system : The pumping system depends on the tank location. The rooftop tank and ground tanks will require lesser energy as compared to the submerged tank to draw the water as the gravity encourages the flow of water. The submerged tanks will need some fuelled pumping system to draw the water.

Types of rainwater tanks :

There are various types of tanks depending on different models, sizes and styles. One can select the tank depending on their requirements. Various tanks include:

Round tanks : These are the traditional tanks which have the capacity range of 545 liters to 50,050 liters. These are said to have added strength.

Boabab water tanks : These tanks have a tapered look and help to eliminate the stress points in the previous models. The capacity of the tank ranges from 1000 liters to 22,500 liters.

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Slim line tanks : These tanks are suitable for them where the available area is very narrow. This is due to its sleek design which makes it easy to install. Various types of this tank include aqua spring slimline tank, the modular slimline tank, razor slimline tanks and its capacity ranges from 650 liters to 5000 liters.

Under deck water tank : These tanks are designed such that they can be suitably placed beneath the deck. These tanks are seamless and have greater strength. These are made from the material which is said to be safe for contact with food materials. These tanks are available in the sizes like 1000 and 2000 liters.

Underground water tanks : As the name suggests, these tanks are suitable for the underground storage of the water. These are designed such that they are self-cleaning and have optimum strength. These tanks can easily be installed with no much efforts of burying. The capacity ranges from 1500 liters to 5000 liters.

Rainwater harvesting is gaining a lot of importance as it decreases the dependency on the main supply. Thus setting up of the rainwater tanks will definitely benefit the people the long run.

Get a Rain Water Tank and Start Saving!

During ancient time, people used to collect surfeit rainfall from a roof. This custom has been carried forward by different religion for centuries through all over the world. Even in today’s modernized world, this relatively common tradition has helped many people to survive in extremely dry and sweltering weather conditions.

Nowadays people are fighting the economic crisis and hence, they are trying to preserve the planet’s limited natural resources. That’s why these days’ more and more people are returning to basic living. Now, people are ardently trying to save precious drinking water by installing rainwater tanks on their rooftop.


Rainwater tanks can be installed anywhere on a property just above the ground. Usually, stainless steel is used as an intrinsic component of a rainwater tank. Basically, two types of steel rainwater tank can be found and they are round steel rainwater tank and slim line steel rainwater reservoir. The steel tanks are said to be a very effective because they are sturdy, strong and durable. The storage capacity of the steel tank is much higher as compared to the other types. A high maintenance cost and efforts are required to maintain these steel reservoirs.

There are many manufacturers who provide steel rainwater tank in Adelaide and its surrounding areas.

Wooden tanks are also available but they store minimal water because wood absorbs water very quickly as compared to the others. But it is also true that with wooden reservoir the maintenance cost is minimal.

But nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, rainwater chambers are no longer gigantic, fat and ugly eyesores. Today, various materials are used in for the manufacturer of these chambers. Some reservoirs are designed so exquisitely and aesthetically that they can easily be matched with our urban and suburban dwelling. Now, rainwater tanks are available in many attractive shapes, sizes, and colours.

How does a rainwater chamber work?

The entire process is quite simple and exciting. During the rain, the surplus water that falls on our roof will overflow to catchment areas. The water is driven from the gutters and channels through downpipes, filters, and screens. And lastly, it ends up in a chamber where it is stored successfully until it is used. A screen is mandatory in order to prevent debris, leaves, larvae and insects that may unlawfully enter to the reservoir.


If we are planning to install a rainwater chamber, then we need to consider certain points.

  • What type and size of the tank will fulfill our needs?
  • Where are we planning to install the chamber?
  • What will be the exact size of the roof catchment area connected to the rainwater tank?
  • Do we need any accessories or equipment like a pressure pump, a tank top up, or a tank overflow outlet?
  • How effective is our roof?
  • Do we require any foundation?
  • What is our ultimate budget for installing the water chamber and other works?

Rainwater reservoir requires a minimal maintenance. But we need to clean the roof, gutters, filters on a daily basis to prevent the entry of insects, leaves, debris etc.

If we are an inhabitant of Adelaide and are planning to install rainwater chamber, then we should contact with Taylor made tanks as they provide rainwater tanks in Adelaide and its nearby locations. They can manufacture tanks of different sizes from small 900mm diameter to large 3500mm diameter. Apart from manufacturing, they also take care of the installation process.

So, in order to avail their expert services you need to call them, or visit their website.