4 Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Cleaning the carpet at regular intervals is necessary to maintain it and increase its life. While searching for professional carpet cleaners; there’s a confusion regarding which one to select. In order to be clear on this, it is necessary to know the type of carpet cleaning method used by these firms.

As every method may not work on your carpet, it is recommended to check the method first. There are five types of carpet cleaning methods used by most of the professional carpet cleaning firms.

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Let’s take a look at these to understand which one suits our carpet:

Widely used Carpet cleaning methods: 

  • Hot water extraction cleaning: In common language, it is known as steam carpet cleaning. In this method, hot water with high pressure is used to stir the carpet fibre and soften the dirt in the carpet.
  • In this method, cleaning agent is applied on soiled surface and then carpet is washed with brush followed by rinsing. Once the cleaning agent gets settled in the carpet for a while, then the carpet will be cleaned with the cleaning equipment to remove the cleaning agent completely and then it is left for drying in room or in air conditioner.
  • 3000 sq ft Office carpet cleaning usually takes 2 hours of time and 4 hours to dry. For offices, it is advisable to clean the carpet during afternoon so that it can be kept overnight for drying and the next morning operations can be resumed as usual.

Cleaning Carpets with Shampoo:

  • Another way to clean carpets is using shampoo. After arrival of encapsulation technology in 1970s, this method reduced its popularity. Carpet shampooing is done for heavily soiled carpets however it leaves huge amount of foam residues in the carpet.As a result, it takes more time to dry and once dried, it
  • As a result, it takes more time to dry and once dried, it become sticky because in this method rinsing is not done and that’s why the carpet quickly gets re-spoiled. This drawback makes this method less popular.



  • This carpet cleaning method was introduced in 1970s. It uses synthetic detergents that get converted into powder form after getting dried. Dirt particles separated from the carpet fibre are wrapped in powder when the cleaning foam dries and after drying; the carpet is either vacuumed or brushed.
  • This encapsulation technique is more popular as it requires less water for cleaning. This reduces the drying time. Environment lovers prefer this method as less chemical debris is left once the cleaning process is over.
  • However, this is not suitable method for heavily spoiled carpets. So, if your carpet is too much dirty; please avoid this.

Bonnet Cleaning:

  • This cleaning method is known for producing good surface results as the process mainly includes cleaning the top part of the carpet fibre with a motorised machine that has a spinning pad immersed in cleaning solution so that it can absorb dirt from carpet surface.
  • This cleaning method is known for producing good surface results as the process mainly includes cleaning the top part of the carpet fibre with a motorised machine that has a spinning pad immersed in cleaning solution so that it can absorb dirt from carpet surface.
  • This method is widely used in hotels as it can give a quick fix solution for cleaning carpets in heavy public area where less moisture is needed for carpet cleaning. This can dry quickly and hence no disturbance is caused and guests don’t have to bear any inconvenience.

With these methods, carpet cleaning becomes easy. Whether you want to get your home or office carpet cleaned, you can always get in touch with Professional carpet cleaning Adelaide where expert services are offered at nominal rates.

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Clean Your Mattress Like You Clean Your Floors

Did you know that you can use the popular and effective carpet steam cleaning method in Adelaide for a range of other items? Mattresses in particular can be refreshed and rejuvenated to feel like new after a quick steam cleaning treatment.

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There is nothing like the feeling of a new mattress. It’s bouncy, clean and soft. We wash our sheets every few weeks but we never really wash our mattress. Sheets only protect the mattress to a certain extent, and it is still vulnerable to getting dirty just as sheets are. There is no cover that can be taken off and no obvious method of cleaning the big clunky thing, so most people just do the sheets and that is it.

The first step is to vacuum your mattress. This removes a lot of the surface dirt that might simply be resting there. Importantly, it prevents any loose dirt from staining when moisture is added later on in the cleaning process. Make sure that the nozzle you use for the vacuum cleaner is freshly cleaned. Use the upholstery attachment for the best result. If you would like to deodorise your mattress, some home remedies swear by the use of baking sodas as a natural deodoriser. All you have to do is sift some over your mattress, leave for a few minutes, and then vacuum up again. A couple of drops of essential oil such as rosehip or lavender don’t hurt if you enjoy the fragrance in your room.

Stain cleaning a mattress can be tricky, because mattresses are not great at dealing with moisture. It is not easy to soak up excess moisture, so the key is to attend to a stain as soon as it occurs, and go easy with the moist cloth. Dab at it with a cloth dampened with cool water first before switching to a dry cloth to soak up the water. Heat sets stains of this type, so stick to cold water only for the best results. If you get to the stain quickly, use a combination of cold water, baking soda and salt to gently lift the stain. Rub the paste onto the affected area, leave for half an hour, and then brush off the residue and dab away the excess with a damp cloth. Always use as little liquid as possible. Start with less and gradually use more if the stain requires it.

Next comes the deeper, steam clean. Double check the product instructions that this is acceptable, as not all mattresses are suited to this method and it could end up doing more harm than good. The drying time after a steam clean of your mattress will vary. Floors can dry in a few short hours, but mattresses can take anywhere from two to six hours. Steam cleaning is a great idea to clean out all of the particles that have settled in your mattress. A mattress that is not cleaned can begin to smell, look unsightly, and not to mention be a bad idea for asthmatics or those with allergies.

Cleaning your mattress is a big job and requires some preparation so that there will be enough drying time before you next want to use it. It might be a good idea to incorporate this job into your wider spring cleaning routine so that you don’t neglect it. If the thought of cleaning the whole house is more than you can bear, then you might like to consider getting some professional cleaning assistance.

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