How to Install Poly rainwater tanks in Adelaide?

Rainwater harvesting is the best method to store rainwater which can be further used for many other purposes like gardens, livestock, irrigation, domestic use after treatment, heating or cooling housing systems. This water can be used as a supplement to the main supply during shortage and also to reduce demands and helps to sustain groundwater levels.

Installation of Rainwater Tanks :

The rainwater harvesting is followed by most of the houses in Adelaide and there are many suppliers for the poly rainwater tanks installation in Adelaide. There are many different aspects that are to be considered before installing the rainwater tanks and these includes:

poly water tanks Adelaide

Place to install the tank : The place for installation of the tank is very important. There are three main types of tanks depending on the locations where the rainwater tank can be installed and these include the rooftop tanks, the ground tanks and the submerged tanks. A larger tank can be installed if the available place is more.

Capacity of the tank : One should at first decide for what purpose will the rainwater be utilized and depending on it, the capacity of the tank that is to be installed is decided. If one is planning to set up and maintain a small garden or lawn outside their house, sufficient amount of water will be required and a larger tank will be needed.

Pump system : The pumping system depends on the tank location. The rooftop tank and ground tanks will require lesser energy as compared to the submerged tank to draw the water as the gravity encourages the flow of water. The submerged tanks will need some fuelled pumping system to draw the water.

Types of rainwater tanks :

There are various types of tanks depending on different models, sizes and styles. One can select the tank depending on their requirements. Various tanks include:

Round tanks : These are the traditional tanks which have the capacity range of 545 liters to 50,050 liters. These are said to have added strength.

Boabab water tanks : These tanks have a tapered look and help to eliminate the stress points in the previous models. The capacity of the tank ranges from 1000 liters to 22,500 liters.

poly rainwater tanks installation Adelaide

Slim line tanks : These tanks are suitable for them where the available area is very narrow. This is due to its sleek design which makes it easy to install. Various types of this tank include aqua spring slimline tank, the modular slimline tank, razor slimline tanks and its capacity ranges from 650 liters to 5000 liters.

Under deck water tank : These tanks are designed such that they can be suitably placed beneath the deck. These tanks are seamless and have greater strength. These are made from the material which is said to be safe for contact with food materials. These tanks are available in the sizes like 1000 and 2000 liters.

Underground water tanks : As the name suggests, these tanks are suitable for the underground storage of the water. These are designed such that they are self-cleaning and have optimum strength. These tanks can easily be installed with no much efforts of burying. The capacity ranges from 1500 liters to 5000 liters.

Rainwater harvesting is gaining a lot of importance as it decreases the dependency on the main supply. Thus setting up of the rainwater tanks will definitely benefit the people the long run.


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