Use of The Rainwater Harvesting Pumps in Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia which has a Mediterranean climate and receives moderate rainfall annually.

Adelaide is said to be the driest city in Australia thus, the people in this city have started harvesting the rainwater. In rainwater harvesting, the water is collected from roofs, dams, ponds, etc. This helps in accumulation of the water which can be further used.

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Advantages of rainwater harvesting :

  • This helps to save water which can be used in the case of water crises.
  • It reduces the dependency on water from wells, thus helping to restore the ground -water levels.
  • The harvested water can be used for gardens, livestock, irrigation, indoor heating, etc. With proper treatment, this water can also be used for domestic purpose and drinking.
  • It also reduces the load on the mains water supply and decreases the cost of metered water supply.

The connection of the rainwater to the mains water :

The collected rainwater should be stored properly and should be protected from contamination. The rainwater system should be designed in such manner that it reduces the risk of contamination and provide an air gap or prevents the backflow using a device.

Requirements for connecting the rainwater to the mains water :

Connecting the rainwater to the mains supply is very important and includes various devices. The important features of these devices include:

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Rainwater harvesting pump :

Out of all the devices that are needed for rainwater harvesting pumps in Adelaide, this device is the most important device, which is the also called as the pressure pump. It provides adequate pressure that helps in the pumping of the water. These rainwater pumps are of different types based on the position of the pumps. The features of the available pumps in Adelaide are :

  • Submersible transfer pump –  These are low-pressure pumps which are used to transfer the water to other tanks.
  • Submersible Pressure pumps –  These pumps help to transfer water with very high pressure.
  • Surface Pressure pump –  These pumps have a built-in system which controls that start and stop of the pump which depends on the level of the water in the rainwater tank to prevent dry-running.
  • Automatic pump controllers –  This device works without the use a large pressure tank, pressure switch, float switch. In this the inlet in connected to the pump whereas the outlet to the plumbing system. The pump is connected to the controller which governs the working and the controller shuts to prevent drying of the tank.

Seamless automatic switching device :

This is a system which detects the level of the water in the rainwater tank. Once the water level is low or empty, this device changes the switch from rainwater to the mains supply.

Backflow prevention device :

This device is also called a dual check valve that prevents the water from the rainwater tank to enter the mains water tank. This helps in prevention of contamination.

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An Overflow device :

The disposal of the excess of harvested water is carried out by using this overflow device which is connected to the rainwater tank.

Non-degradable, mosquito-proof screens :

These are needed to maintain the quality water and the safety. The inlet and the overflow areas to the rainwater tank must be covered to prevent contamination.

Other requirements :

The other common requirements include connection requirements, fitting requirements, piping requirements, licensed plumber and certification, etc.


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