Types of Fences and its Importance in Adelaide

A fence is a structure that encloses an area generally outside the house or the property.The fencing can be classified into two categories depending on the style of the fencing and depending on the needs. Various types of fencing in Adelaide include:

Different types of fencing styles:

Different types of fencing styles depend on the look that the owner needs to give to the fence that he is building. These are as follows:


Timber fences:

In these types of fences, bamboo is used to provide an aesthetic charm to the surrounding area which is generally a garden place. In timber fencing, the use of bamboo is cost effective and can be easily stained and dyed according to the requirement. The main disadvantage of timber fence is that it needs good maintenance of the wood to keep it away from termites and prevent it from rotting.

Metal fences:

These fences are most commonly used as they provide more security, privacy and are available in the variety of natural tones. These fences can be selected depending on the color of the structure within the area to be fenced.

Glass fences:

The advantage of using glass fencing is that it provides a clear view through the glass. It also has some disadvantages which include lack of privacy, less security, more fragile and more expensive as compared to the other types of fencing.

Tubular fencing:

Aluminium Fence Panels Adelaide

These fences are black with good visibility through them and are used around the pools and the footpath lining. The Disadvantage of using this type of fence is that the pets and children can easily climb over the fence.

Barbed wire fencing:

These are also called as electric fences which are generally used only in agricultural or industrial fencing. They are not for causing damage but to prevent entry into private land or property.

Brush fences:

Brush fences are made from lots of slim, dried sticks which provide a stunning look. Disadvantages of this type of fence are that it takes a lot of time for installation and requires a lot of skill. It contains a lot of dry mass which makes it highly flammable.

Why Fencing is required in Adelaide?

To increase privacy: Fences are built in order to protect the property from the prying eyes and generally include the solid fence.


For ease of access: They are used when there are actually no gates situated at the entrance but these fences create a proper path which also gives a great look to the surrounding.

For stepped design: In fencing, the level of privacy can be adjusted. In the case of privacy the heights of the fence will be higher whereas, at the parts where security is not concerned, the fencing can be lower.

For shielding of the wind flow: A fence helps to protect in case of strong winds without hampering the good view.

Blocking unattractive street view: Fencing can help in relaxation with no view of cars and pedestrians passing by but allowing the flow of natural light to pass through.

Conclusion: Whether you are in need of tubular fencing or you wish to have temporary fencing panels, fencing supplies adelaide is here for you. Get in touch with us today to get qualitative fencing at affordable rates.


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