Types of Decking – Choose the Best One for You

In simple terms, Decking is termed as an approach in architecture that increases the beauty of your garden and provides you with more space for carrying out leisure activities that can be enjoyed by all. They are usually raised several inches from the ground and are attached to the house which also serves many purposes like garden decking, roof decking and much more. Decking is usually done by the houses living in the countryside but if your house is within the urbanized area then there is nothing to worry since decks are created in the gardens. It not only gives you leisure but also provides safety especially when you have small children running around the house since the floors are made up of wooden decks. Let us now find out the different types of Decking at Adelaide:

  • Timber Decking

This process has experienced a great comeback in the recent years since it is available at relatively low costs along with easy to install features. These simple features add elegance and help you to use up all the unused garden space. This process of building one is surprising really simple since there are only a few instructions to be followed and there you will have a cheap, practical, elegant and timeless decking area for your family in no time. All you need to do is to first start preparing the ground area where the deck has to be prepared by removing any weeds or large stones found lying on the ground. The next is to lay down a weed control fabric over the ground area so that you can prevent the weeds from growing up and through the deck in the future. And the last step is to then build up a deck by contacting a company or with an installation kit.


  • Wood Decking

This type of decking has become very popular just like the timber ones since it offers various benefits. The first is that it is environment-friendly as the materials used in this type of decking are recycled wood fibers, plastics, discarded shipping pallets and recycled milk jugs. It is very safe to use since there is no use of wood preservatives in it. The materials used in it are composite in nature and thus makes the process of installation fast and easier. Another great advantage that it offers is that they resist heating and fading as the plastic materials used in it do not expand or contract with it easily. Low maintenance is required since this the wood is not easily affected by insects, staining, painting, weathering and sealing. Also if you find any stains on it then you can easily clean it with a hose or composite deck cleaners.

Thus, I am sure that the above stated types will help you to make a selection of your own when you plan to have a Decking in Adelaide, SA.


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