All about Outdoor Deck Lights

Outdoor deck lighting is used for illumination of gardens and landscapes for the purpose of safety, security, accessibility, recreation, decoration, sports or any social events. Earlier the lighting was done using firelight from wood, candles, and animal /plant oil fuels in torches, sconces, and lanterns. Nowadays electric lighting is used on large scale for outdoor lighting mostly LED lighting.

Advantages Of Using LED Lighting:

  • Cost Effective: LED lightings are more cost effective due to the use of less power to generate light. These have more life span as compared to the normal bulb which helps to save more on replacement costs.
  • Safe and secure: These light bulbs do not get heated up so are safe for kids and household pets.
  • Clarity: These produce crystal clear light which can light up areas for a long distance.


Steps for Installing Deck Lights:

For installing the outdoor deck lights, many points should be considered while doing so. These include:

  • Decide the layout plan: Depending on the layout of the outdoor space available and on the requirement of the lighting, note the various areas where lighting is needed like stairs, seating and congregation area, plantings, driveway path, etc.
  • Decide the budget of lighting: After deciding the layout, check the budget available for lighting. Based on this two criteria decide where all you need to locate the lights.
  • Power source connection: Generally low-voltage cable and connectors are used which are waterproof. The wires should be fastened such that they remain out of sight and the cables should run under the decking.
  • Installing the lighting: Various types of lighting may be used which includes stair lighting, post lights, rope lighting, flood lighting, etc.
  • Color of lighting: Decide the color of the LED lights depending on the surrounding. Select color to make a specific ambiance as per the requirement.


Uses of Outdoor Deck lights:

Outdoor lighting gives a different look to the surrounding. These outdoor fixtures can also give the house a safe, social and stylish look. Various outdoor lighting techniques are:

  • Nightscape of the yard: Adding these outdoor lights to the trees and plants gives an interesting appearance to the property. Lights can also be used to highlight the flowerbeds and shrubs by surrounding them with lights in a circular pattern.
  • Lighting up the pathway: Lighting can be done along the sidewalk, the pathway to the steps leading to the main entrance. The effect can be enhanced by using suitable color and adding post lights.
  • Enhancing the entrance: Lighting can be used to give grand look to the entrance by adding lanterns on either side of the door or using ceiling fixtures.
  •  Highlighting the features: Lighting can be used to highlight certain textures, sculpts and architectural features.  This can be done using techniques like up-lighting, down-lighting, cross lighting and silhouette lighting.
  • Swimming pools: Swimming pools and fountains can be decorated with lights to give them an amazing glow. Lighting color can be defined by the color of the pool tiles.
  • Security lighting:  For security lights, proper locations must be selected. These include outside garage, main door, side doors, windows, etc.
  • Outdoor entertainment areas: The outdoor area can be decorated and illuminated for party or celebration with help of lighting. The main objects can be highlighted by outlining with lights like the cooking area, sitting area, etc.

Conclusion: Making your home shine like a heaven, adding glow to your balcony and making every festival delightful is the wish of every human being. This wish can be easily fulfilled with the help of different LED lights that are available in different styles, shades and colors.

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