Stuck What to Choose Between Braces and Invisalign

If you are having a lot of struggle deciding what teeth treatment to prefer for straightening up your teeth, whether it will be effective or not? Will it be affordable? Then let me help you, whichever treatment you select ultimately it should be the one which imparts good oral hygiene and the one which keeps your smile sparkling. Many patients who are seeking straighter teeth will consider the pros and cons of Invisalign and Braces. They both offer unique advantages and disadvantages, so which one to choose for? To answer the question, of which treatment is best, requires consideration of several factors which includes the patient’s dental issues, requirements and preference. In the long run, you definitely don’t want to have to fix your teeth again. Both the treatment is designed to straighten teeth while improving your smile and oral health. So which is the better choice for you or for your child? Let us find out about both treatments in detail.

  • Braces-

They consist of metal brackets being glued to your teeth and tied together by wires and tiny rubber bands. Nowadays you can get them color to make a fashion statement with your mouth. Braces are removable. They are of metal, typically silver but by paying a little extra you can have them in colour of your choice. The treatment time is an average 2 years, depending on patients needs. You need to wear it 24/7. You need to brush your teeth daily and need to floss the brackets and wire to keep them clean and hygienic. Monthly follow-ups are mandatory.


It is more effective for complex issues.
There is no temptation to leave them out, so less self-discipline is needed for success.
No extra cleaning steps are required besides regular brushing and flossing.

You may get some sort of pain, sores or discomfort from wires, brackets or tooth movement.
Tooth discoloration or breakage may take place.
You may find it difficult to eat sticky, hard foods.
Braces are not recommended for patients playing sports like rugby, ice hockey, baseball etc.

  • Invisalign-

Aligners are designed to be invisible and to be able to subtly and gently move your teeth. The aligner is made of smooth, comfortable; BPA-free clear plastic to be worn over your teeth. The aligners are removable and clearly visible. The treatment time is for 6 to 8 months, depending on patients needs. You need to wear it 22-24 hrs/day. You can clean the Invisalign by the Invisalign cleaning system, or brushing and rinsing trays in Luke warm water. You need to change aligner trays every 2 weeks and go for follow-up visits every 4-6 weeks. Invisalign Melbourne has modern orthodontists; the treatment is preferred more as it allows more natural teeth behavior and doesn’t leave you with a mouthful of metal.


Invisaligns are invisible.
They are removable.
There are no issues of food getting caught.
You will have no difficulty eating.
There will be no discomfort from wires.

Patients might have discomfort from tooth movement.
You must remove it before eating or drinking anything but water.
You need to brush after every meal to avoid staining.
These aligners are not ideal for patients with bridgework; back tooth bite issues, and who has a lack of disciple to keep trays in for at least 22 hours daily.

Certainly, it’s a tight race to compare between braces and straightening aligners if you’re an adult or a teen that is self-conscious, Invisible aligners may appeal to you. But if the idea of removing the frames for meals or while drinking may not be suitable for you then you may not consider them. Braces might be the right option for you. Straightening your teeth to improve your smile and your overall oral health should not be taken lightly.


Invisalign in Melbourne also provides a range of modern orthodontics. If you’re looking for help to decide whether braces or invisible aligners make more sense to your child, consult an experienced specialist like Captivate Dental. They are an experience in the field of dentistry and provide range of tooth treatment maintaining your oral hygiene.


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