What Do You need to Study to be a Certified Plumber?

Nowadays plumbers are very much in demand as most of the residential and commercial properties require plumbing. People are showing their proximity towards this profession and hence, this profession has exploded massively in popularity over the past few years. Now, you can see there is a plumbing course in every city and town. If you are looking for a change in profession, then the plumbing occupation can be an enticing prospect for you.

Most of the people have a misconception that they can easily get plumbing qualifications within a few days. But however, with plumbing courses, you will find there is no quick trick. Actually, you need to spend a lot of time to attain professional. After completing an accredited plumbing course, you should be equipped with the required skills to perform on any kind of plumbing job.

There are many companies who used to provide experienced and certified professional plumber in Brunswick. We may also find there are many plumbing training institutes in Brunswick and by enrolling with those institutes you can be a certified and professional plumber.


But, before you enroll yourself with any of professional course, you need to look at certain things. There are basically three major types of plumbing courses and they are:

  1. Technical training course
  2. Apprenticeship plumbing course
  3. Online plumbing course
  • Technical training course: These types of courses are provided by various technical institutes and trade schools. Here, you will learn different aspects that are related to plumbing, sanitation, and various safety standards. You will be taught by professionals on different subjects like different plumbing issues, plumbing complications, maintenance related information, drainage systems, various water regulation techniques, different installation procedures for plastic and copper pipes etc. These courses will help you to enhance your insight in detail through theoretical and practical lessons. So, before enrolling with any institute you should check whether the institute provides all these parameters or not.
  • Apprentice plumbing course:This is another way by which you can to gain your plumbing training. But for this course, at first, you need to approach your local plumber’s union. They will help you to find who needs an apprentice. Once into this program, you must work for a minimum of 2000 hours as an apprentice before you can be considered for the next professional level. After the successful completion of your apprenticeship programme, you will be certified as a professional and experienced plumber.
  • Online plumbing courses:You can get these types of courses only over the internet. Through this course, you will get all the plumbing-oriented knowledge from your home. At the end of the classes, you should appear for tests. Though such courses are very interesting and useful but these courses don’t provide any practical atmosphere that a plumbing trainee can expect in this field. Hence, such courses are only applicable for those who are interested in getting a general working knowledge of plumbing.


Over the past 15 years, NLK plumbing has established themselves as one of the most reputed and trustworthy plumbers in Brunswick. The company is staffed with many professionals and certified plumbers who are enough experienced to handle any kind of plumbing job. Though this is a family owned and operated company, but all the team members are very passionate and professional. With their emergency services, they help the customers to come out from any unfavorable situation.

If anyone is looking for a plumbing service providing company, then they should get in touch with NLK Plumbing as they are always ready to solve their customer’s problems.


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