Get the best deals at solar pool heating Sydney

Though solar panels have been at work since the 1960s, recent advances indicate better times to come. While silicon has been used all along, magnesium chloride would present greater advantages. Light sensitive nanoparticles may work better at less cost and provide greater flexibility. Gallium Arsenide is believed to be five times more effective in the solar cells. A molten salt storage battery would reduce storage costs. Solar panels along highways and roads, floating solar units above oceans and in space, the possibilities are many. Future dreams apart, the best bet today remains solar pool heating Sydney.


Spas and swimming pools do sum up a contemporary athletic lifestyle. Backed up by 25 years of eventful experience that helped gather reputations and expertise, the company specializes in commercial pool and spa heating through a range of devices. They installed commercial pool heating at sports centers, hotel and resort pools, public pools and schools all across Australia. Since conditions vary so much, it would be necessary to enter a detailed discussion to determine the most appropriate pool heating solution feasibility.

Which one will it be?

• Rigid Panels
• Strip type Collector
• Heat Pumps
• Gas Heaters
• Blankets and Rollers
• Pumps and Filtration Systems
• Contact solar pool heating Sydney for all reasons

The only problem with an otherwise fun-generating spas and swimming pools is the variation of temperature. Like the weather, temperatures swing dramatically through the days and weeks and across seasons. That is difficult to deal with, just as temperature control is necessary inside dwellings. Solar heating brings the uniform temperature of the water that is also found indoors as a result of air-conditioning systems. Day or night, spring and winter, the water temperature is maintained constant, swim whenever!

Strip solar heating with the new multi-layered technology

The red interior has maximum chemical resistance with sealing against leaks and round to avoid splitting. The exterior, black matt offers maximum UV weathering resistance and improved solar absorption that resists damage.

  • Sunlover Rigid Panel Solar Collectors carry reassuring warranties against cockatoo damage and include freeze damage. A lifetime pro rate warranty commences with an initial 10 year period of warranty.
  • The Sunlover Manifold technology is really beyond destruction with no joints that need gluing. It installs with ease and the winged sides control any sideward movement.
  • The PVC Nitrite premium absorber uses polymer compounds that meet the AS2369.2-1993 material meant for solar pool heating.

Become a partner with the most eco-friendly, reliable and efficient solar heating systems that have tubes connected for insulation and thus no heat is lost. The panels can tolerate freezing weather with rounded flow tubes that will not expand or change shape. The extra thickness ensures longer durability that can withstand winds of 241km/h. Sunlover Heating delivers the best deals for solar pool heating Sydney.


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