Evolution of Tattoos from Subculture to Pop-Culture

Today, we can see almost every celebrity is having body tattoos painted. This has become a trend. Tattoos have become the thing of fashion. These have taken over current media industry.

Tattoo Melbourne 

Time passed and never knew when tattoos became the part of pop culture from sub culture. Social media pages for tattoo culture are increasing in terms of millions of followers. Today, you will find every person walking on the street with tattoos printed on the entire body.

Tattoos have become the mainstream part of the society. Nearly 36-25% of Americans among the age 18-25 have atleast one tattoo. This means more than one third of America’s adults are fond of tattoos.

Among the fastest growing industries in the world, Tattoo industry is considered as the world’s sixth largest growing industry. If we take a look at Google’s search data then more than 147 million searches are for tattoo itself.

Years ago, Tattoos were considered as a thing of fashion, a matter of status but now these have become common. Every youngster can be seen with a tattoo. Tattoos were common among politicians, sailors, prisoners and motorcycle gang members.

History of Tattoos :

Tattoos prevail since the beginning of human history. It has been a part of human culture since thousands of years ago. The unique feature of Otzi’s body was that it was completely adorned with 57 tattoos from his upper neck to ankles.

This shows that these imprinting is a part of human culture. However, these were not very common as they are today. Till 2005, our society held maximum prejudices against tattoos and now these have become a part of pop-culture.

We can see many popular tattoo shows that reveal many tattoo artists. Such shows spread more publicity about these body imprinting. People were not aware of the amazing work done by various artists. This was known only through TV shows.

Tattoo Artists Today :

These are considered as celebrities and some of the well known artists such as Jake King, Jack Thomas, Karlo Escuadro, Otto and Samantha have become famous for their appearances.

People love to get themselves tattooed from these artists. Seeing their popularirty; celebrities too started to get their bodies inked with these well known tattooists in Australia.

Social Media & Tattoo Industry :

Social media plays a major role in the tattoo industry. Tattoo artists have millions of followers on the same platform. These artists impress people with their unique tattoo designs.

People love to post their pictures with their favourite tattoo artist. Tattoo shops are considered to be the place of legend. This inking industry has evolved a lot with the help of internet and it still continues to get evolved in ground breaking ways so as to render the best possible content and services for thousands of tattoo culture followers out there.

There are various websites that render crowd sourcing for tattoo designs. Such sites help these tattoo lovers to get connected with their lovely artists anywhere in the world. This industry will grow more in a crazy manner and very soon will take over entire pop culture.

Final Note :

Would you like to get your body tattooed from one of the well known tattooists in Australia then you can get in touch with City of Ink, well known Tattoo hub in Melbourne rendering all sorts of tattoo services such as feather stroke cosmetic tattoo as well as Laser tattoo removals.

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