Carpet Cleaners in Adelaide – buy, rent or get them in!!

A headache for homeowners, auto dealers and auto detailing professionals is the investment in a high quality, durable and reliable carpet and upholstery cleaner. You get what you pay for and this is one area, where you should not scrimp. Get the best carpet cleaner that your money can get you; it will be worth every penny. Offices also need to invest in one of the best carpet cleaning equipment as a clean carpet reflects on the overall company.

Carpet cleaning adelaide

If you are looking to buy the best and read on to know more and get the best.


There are two types of carpet cleaners:

Standard carpet washers – These will not be able to pick up loose dirt and debris and will therefore require vacuuming before you clean your carpet.

Multi function/Two in one cleaners – This removes the need for a vacuum cleaners because it will vacuum and wash the carpet.


If you want to have the best at a reasonable cost, then check out the following features that are necessary and will make your carpet cleaning speedier as well as effective.

Auto Mix– This feature will save you time, as it mixes the detergent and water automatically.

Water Tank Heater– Will increase the effectiveness of the clean by raising the temperature of the water

Detergent spray – Pre-treat stains before the actual wash

Turbo tool – This is a hand held rotating brush, that will allow you to clean areas that cannot be reached by the main floor head.

Crevice tool – This is ideal for cleaning in narrow spaces and crevices

Dry Vacuuming – An ideal feature for picking up dry debris before washing

Handheld brush – Ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery and other areas covered by carpets
There are several other features available but it also depends on the type of carpet you have and hence it is important to read your carpet leaflet and then make a decision on which features you really need.

When making the all-important decision to invest in a carpet cleaner, it is important to check out the vendor too. Get answers to the following questions before deciding who is going to get your business.

  1. What is their experience in the carpet cleaning business/equipment?
  2. Are they recognized and well respected?
  3. Have they received good customer reviews?
  4. What is their client count?
  5. Do they offer after sales service?


It may be easier to rent a carpet cleaner on an ad-hoc basis so get one when you need to clean your carpets. Many companies deal in the renting carpet cleaning equipment. They will offer you advice on which is the best for your needs.


Sometimes, it is best to get a professional to come and clean your carpets as it saves you the time, hassle, and off course the space that will be taken up by a carpet cleaner. There are many a professional who make a living out of doing the jobs we do not like doing. One such professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide is Complete Carpet and Tile Restoration whereby everyone is raving about Andy, the best professional that they have hired. You definitely want someone like him to come and clean your carpets. I know, I would!!

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