Design Layouts For Your Kitchen In Melbourne

The design of a kitchen is very subjective; so the layout which might be best for one household can be terrible for another one. This is chiefly because of personal tastes, and the fact that individuals have different working styles, and habits. So, kitchen layouts must be done in accordance with the specifications and necessities of the main user of the space, who has certain ideas about how she/he would desire their working area to be. Aside from this subjective viewpoint, there are definite steps that you must follow when designing your kitchen layout. Here are the stages –

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The kitchen design layout Stages

Follow these simple steps will help utilize your kitchen space better while ensuring it looks good –

Thoroughly measure your kitchen in Melbourne. Nothing should be avoided, including the position of the windows, doors, drains and sinks, electric points etc.

Differentiate the kitchen spaces into three sections – storage, cleaning, and cooking. Go about designing the space, bearing these three sections in mind.

Create a list of the appliances which you are about to use in the kitchen, and give the right space for them as per their dimensions.

Bear the above mentioned three points in mind, and afterwards design your kitchen in a manner that fits as per your tastes. Here are several conventional kitchen design layouts that are commonly utilized –

We have many kitchen design layouts available for you. Right now here are the 4 basic layouts that are commonly used in kitchen designs –

Corridor layout –This is intended for any narrow kitchen, where two facing rows are present. One is for the storage and the other for cooking and cleaning. Ensure that there is at least 1200mm space between these two rows.
U shaped layout –Is the perfect choice for tiny kitchens, and this shape is very convenient too.
L shaped layout –This is the sort of layout in which the rows are diagonal to each other, hence creating an L shape. This makes the kitchen working area into a corner, giving lots of free room to move about.
Island layout –This one conversely is meant for big kitchens. In this kitchen shape, the cooking hob is on the whole a distinct box unit, whereas the L shaped row is intended for the sink & storage purposes.

These are some of the different ways in which you can finely design your kitchen layout, and also make alterations and changes as per your preferences. Kitchen Galerie is famous in the field for high quality design and development of kitchens, and they can help with your kitchen in Melbourne.


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