What To Look For In a Country Wedding Venue Victoria

Many happy couples are choosing a country wedding venue in Victoria, over more traditional venues. You don’t have to be born and raised in the country, couples from all walks of life are choosing a country wedding because they provide a more relaxed, rustic environment where they can really make their big day their own. A country wedding venue has the open space, sunshine, fresh air, and breathtaking views you want, but what else should you look for? Here are our top tips on what you should look for in the perfect country wedding venue in Victoria.

Country Wedding Venue Victoria

Wineries and vineyards make the ideal country wedding venue Victoria

A country wedding doesn’t just have to be a farm, wineries and vineyards are becoming the top destination for those that desire a country wedding venue in Victoria. When you have a wedding at a winery, you have stunning views during all seasons of the year, fantastic quality Australian wine on hand, and beautiful and unique reception spaces including cellar doors and rustic barns. You also have plenty of space to put up marquees, and many wineries and vineyards offer accommodation for the wedding party that is homey and warm, or super luxurious, depending on your budget and the location. Really, why wouldn’t you want a country wedding venue in Victoria that is set amongst the grapevines?

Fabulous farm fresh food

Food is an important part of the wedding reception, and when you have a country wedding, you have the freshest food that is readily available for your wedding feast. Country weddings are all about the type of comfort food Grandma used to make, and because it doesn’t use expensive gourmet ingredients, you save money and can spend it on other important wedding aspects.

Fun and flexibility

One of the joys of a country wedding is the flexibility and unlimited options it offers couples. A country wedding also provides the chance for couples to design their wedding day and choose elements that are reflective of their likes, personalities, and relationship. This means that you are almost guaranteed to have a wedding that is unlike any other that has taken place there. You also have plenty of open space, so you can put up marquees and tents to cater for more guests, or have different areas for a whole day of celebrations. This flexibility can be a real added bonus when you are looking for a venue.

Make barns your backdrop

A lot of farms and wineries have barns on the property, which not only present a great background for rustic wedding photos, they can make lovely locations for the ceremony or reception. Depending on your design aesthetic, the higher the ceilings, the more space you have to decorate and make your wedding something completely awe inspiring. And just remember, some may look shabby, but you have the ability to turn them into something chic and elegant with just a few key pieces. The perfect location can go a long way to ensuring that your big day is full of joy and celebration. For a relaxed, family atmosphere where everyone can be themselves.

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