Why Pool Blankets Help With Solar Pool Heating Brisbane

If you have put in a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect solar pool heating for your Brisbane home, you should want to ensure that your pool is ready for swimming whenever you and your family want. There is another valuable accessory that you can add to your pool which will make it easier to maintain, both temperature, cleanliness, and water level. Solar pool covers, also called pool blankets or bubble blankets, provide you with a whole host of benefits, and go hand in hand with the solar pool heating you have installed in Brisbane. Here are the top reasons why you should consider utilising a solar pool blanket with your solar pool heating in Brisbane.

Solar Pool Heating Brisbane

You save water

The amount of evaporated from your swimming pool can equal out to the entire volume of your swimming pool each year. That is a lot of water! Most pool blankets on the market can stop between 97% and 99.84% of evaporation. Simply by covering your pool with a pool blanket, you can save time instead of needing to constantly refill your swimming pool, and you will end up saving money on your quarterly water bill.

It keeps your pool warmer for longer

If you have Solar Pool Heating in Brisbane, you would already be enjoying the benefits of a warm swimming pool. But what happens to all that wonderful warm water at night? Every inch of your pool lets off heat when it is heated, which gets caught in the wind and evaporates. The stronger the wind, the greater the heat loss will be, so a pool blanket can help to increase your water temperature by up to 8’C. Using a pool blanket in conjunction with your solar pool heating not only keeps in the warm water so it doesn’t quickly lose heat or evaporate, the pool blanket will keep the water warm overnight, so that you can dive into a warm pool as soon as you wake up in the morning and your solar pool heating hasn’t had the chance to kick in until after the sun is up. If you don’t have solar pool heating in Brisbane just yet, a pool blanket will help to keep your pool warmer for longer whether you have another form of pool heating or not.

Your pool stays cleaner

Speaking of evaporation, you might just think that evaporation means you have to spend more time topping up your pool, however, major evaporation also is responsible for the majority of chemical loss. This means that not only do you spend more money in replacing chemicals, you also spend more time (more than once a week) ensuring that the chlorine levels and pH levels are just right so that your swimming pool is clean and perfect for swimming whenever you want. A pool blanket will help reduce pool chemical loss by up to 50%, and it can also help to keep out leaves and other debris.

Final tips about pool blankets

While there are plenty of benefits relating to pool blankets, if you still need persuading you should know that pool blankets can be used on both salt and chlorinated pools. They are also very flexible, so if you have an unusually shaped pool, you can adjust the shape by cutting it to fit your entire pool, or you can keep it as a smaller rectangular sheet which will still help to keep your pool warm. To keep our pool blanket in the best condition, it is best to store it when you aren’t using it, in the shade. This will ensure that the plastic doesn’t degrade quickly.

To learn more about pool blankets or solar pool heating for your Brisbane home you will find everything you need to know at www.sunloverheating.com.au.


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