Tips for Using CPAP machine for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

CPAP machine is one of the medical devices used for non-invasive treatment. People suffer with breathing problems due to various reasons. The normal atmospheric air flow supplied becomes insufficient for many and hence they face difficulty during their breathing process. CPAP stands for ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’.

With the technological advancement, you have three categories of devices as CPAP, APAP and BiPAP. APAP is ‘Automatic Positive Airway Pressure’ and BiPAP is ‘BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure’. The basic concept of these devices is that they supply fresh air continuously to the patient in the most convenient way.

CPAP Machine

Parts of CPAP machine:

Mask, tube and motor are the three basic elements of this CPAP machine. Of course, there are some further attachments available to this device for more convenience.
The mask comes in three different varieties such as nasal, oral and full face masks. Nasal mask covers only the nose part, oral mask covers the mouth and the full face mask covers both the nose and mouth.

People suffer with OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea syndrome find relief through CPAP machines. This disorder occurs when the upper airway faces obstruction during breathing that happens due to reduction in the oxygen saturation in blood. Person affected with this problem will experience sudden stoppage in breathing, that too, during sleeping. They will suffocate heavily even when they try their maximum to breath. For this CPAP machine is the only helping device that prevents suffocation and lets them sleep in peace.

This device is popular among the people affected with OSA disorder and is widely recommended by their physicians. Of course, they must purchase the right one that suits them only after consulting their physician.

There may be some initial problems before it gets accustomed by the patient. They may suffer with any one of the following problems like dry nose, sore throat, abdominal bloating, eye or facial skin irritation and excessive dreams. However, everything can be controlled and can be eradicated after getting used to the device.

Tips for using CPAP machine by OSA affected people:

  • Very small change in your body mass will require change in the pressure applied to the device.
  • Whenever you are more tired than usual, you will need more pressure. So be careful to adjust your pressure in CPAP machine when you work extra like double shift work, playing tennis or softball for more hours than usual, helping neighbours in shifting and so on.
  • Change in the consumption of Alcohol will lead to pressure change
    In addition, be alert when you take sedative medications. They can certainly affect the need for pressure level.
  • The higher you are, the harder the machine will work. Hence, check with the machine’s capacity before visiting high altitude places.

CPAP machine is the helping device for the people affected with OSA or Obstructive Sleeping Apnea syndrome. Though you experience some side effects during your initial stage of usage, you can very easily overcome them. If you understand the tips and techniques involved with the machine, then you can sleep better even with OSA.

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