Weekly Pool Maintenance To Go With Your Solar Pool Heating Sydney

Solar pool heating at your Sydney home is a great way to extend the swimming season for your family. The more that you use your swimming pool, the more important it is to keep up your pool maintenance. Keeping your pool sparkling clean and looking good doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, but a few simple steps will ensure your pool is ready to swim in every day. Round out your solar pool heating in Sydney with these tips for keeping your pool in perfect condition.

solar pool heating Sydney

Ensure it’s pretty as a picture

Looks aren’t everything in life, but a clean pool makes for a much more enjoyable swimming experience. You can start your pool maintenance by making your pool look good. Start by scooping any leaves and debris out of your pool. If left for too long, these can sink to the bottom of your pool and make it more difficult to clean later on. Once you get rid of the bits and pieces off the top off the surface, use a pool brush to clean any algae or dirt off the floor and sides of your swimming pool. If there is a lot of sediment or dirt at the bottom of your pool, you can use a pool vacuum to suck it out.

Test the waters

Once your pool looks good, it’s important to ensure that it is healthy. You can do this by checking the chemicals in your pool once a week. The chemicals you need to check on include pH levels, Chlorine levels, Alkalinity, cyanuric acid, and water hardness. Before you check the chemicals once a week, be sure to backwash the filter, and then use whichever method you find is easiest for you. There plenty of simple kits on the market which will cover your pH and chlorine levels, simply follow the included instructions.

Get clued into your chlorine

Speaking of chlorine, it’s important that you continue to monitor and adjust the chlorine levels in your pool whenever it is needed. Chlorine is vital for ensuring that your water is clean and healthy, and it also helps to avoid any expensive maintenance that may need to be done if chlorine isn’t maintained. Home swimming pools require chlorine to be 2 to 3 parts-per-million or ppm. If chlorine levels are too low, your pool can become very unsanitary with harmful bacteria, algae, and other contaminates. If you have solar pool heating in Sydney, this shouldn’t have an effect on your chlorine, but it may do so indirectly. Bacteria grows better in warmer water, so you may need to increase chlorine for every 6’C above 26’C. This is also a really important factor if you happen to have a spa.

The other thing you need to remember is that when chlorinating your pool, you need to ensure that the water has a balanced pH level. A balanced pH level of 7.0 ensures that your pool is safe to swim in. Otherwise your pool becomes either alkaline or too acidic, and that can give your family itchy skin and red eyes. Doesn’t sound very fun does it.

Having a swimming pool with solar pool heating in Sydney is a pretty great way to spend your spare time, and hopefully these tips have helped you a bit. While your swimming pool itself requires a bit of maintenance, your solar pool heating in Sydney needs very little upkeep.


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