Should You Add Back Up Batteries To Your Solar Panels Melbourne?

Congratulations on making the switch to solar panels Melbourne, it won’t be long before you start experiencing the many benefits that solar power has. While solar power can assist your home or business, another question you should ask yourself is whether you should add back up batteries or not. To look at this question further in-depth, this article will explore whether you should go completely off the grid, relying solely on your batteries and solar panels in Melbourne. Or, whether you are best to choose a hybrid option with grid-connected solar.

Solar Panels Melbourne

Smart storage with batteries

Batteries have been traditionally used for off-grid solar power systems, or areas that are not easily about to connect with the electrical grid. This has been an important factor for homes that need reliable power. While there is no doubting how great solar panels are in Melbourne, and across Australia for being a cost-effective way to generate electricity, solar does rely on the sun entirely. During the night and for times that the sun isn’t shining, there should be a secondary source, and the best way to do this is with batteries that allow you draw power when you need it at a later date or for load shifting. Solar power storage devices are generally comprised of a battery bank and a smart inverter that can manage the power. Batteries actually also help households to increase self-consumption, and provide backup during grid failure or emergency situation such as blackouts, and severe weather. Your backup batteries will help to keep all your lights and other appliances operating for extended amounts of time, which the grid cannot do during this time. While this is an added bonus, for many suburban homes, installing battery storage technology is an expensive cost in comparison to staying connected to the grid.

Feeding off the grid

Staying connected to the grid also has other advantages too. For many homes that have solar panels in Melbourne, the panels provide plenty of energy. The benefits are that if your home has excess power, it is fed back into the grid, and you can even make money off the energy that you feed back into the system. When your require more electricity, because you are connected to the grid, you still have an endless supply much like you did before you installed solar panels (except obviously when the power goes out). You have the choice of when you buy power or sell it back to your grid, however, grids do have only a limited capacity to absorb electricity from homes with solar panels. This means it may not always be an efficient option either, as other countries have found that their grids become a lot less stable when there is an over supply of electricity from solar panels. Experts predict that having back up battery solutions can actually help to alleviate this problem.

Affordable and environmental solutions

The fact is, the number of technologies regarding solar power storage in Australia is still quite limited, but it is growing. The more common that renewable energy sources become, the more affordable the storage solutions such as batteries will become too. More solar power providers are also offering all inclusive solar power management and storage solutions, which will make it much easier for the consumer to make the best decision for their home or business needs.

Renewable energy solutions such as solar panels in Melbourne, have the potential to really transform the way we think about electricity, and the ways in which we can generate power in order to save homes and businesses.

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