How To Repair a Leak In Your Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is a great investment for anyone who wants to spend more time in their swimming pool throughout the year. Pool heating systems are usually pretty robust, but they can be vulnerable to damages and deterioration over time, which is why it’s important to organise yearly servicing. One of the most common problems is leaking. There are three common types of leaks that occur in strip solar pool heating, and these are usually pink hole leaks, tear leaks, or broken manifolds. You can repair these easily with a home repair kit. Here are some tips to help you repair it at home yourself.

Solar Pool Heating

Get yourself a home repair kit

Not all companies have them, but if if need your own repair kit for your solar pool heating, you should be able to pick up some barbs, sleeves, grommets and absorber tubes from your local hardware store. Once you have your repair kit, you need to ascertain what type of leak you have, and then you can go ahead and fix that leak using the right parts.

Pin hole leak

Pin hole leaks may occur from things such as falling tree branches or animals walking along your strips. You can plug the hole with plumbers putty, or replace it entirely. To do this, isolate the strip or tube that is leaking, and cut it at the leak. Then, using a water based lubricant, lightly spray it on the tube and insert a small joining barb into each end of the tube, and push them firmly together.

Tear leak

If the leak is much bigger and more of a tear than a hole, you will need to isolate the affected solar tube, cutting away the damaged section. After you have done this, use the water based lubricant to spray in the tube, and insert a small joining barb into each end of the tube where you have removed the damage section. Push the joining barb firmly in, and then add the replacement tubing to each end of the joining barb. When finished, it should look like a complete tube.

Repairing the manifold

Manifolds often need to be replaced if the damage is beyond repair. They often break down because cheap imports are not suited to the Australian climate. If you replace them, you should ensure that you choose Australian made pool heating manifolds. They are much easier to repair if it is a single barb that is broken, simply by drilling a hole with a 5mm drill bit, and then inserting a grommet into the hole. Use a water based lubricant to lightly spray the area, and then insert the small joining barb. Once you have done this, join the solar tube back onto the other end of the joining barb. If you are having trouble removing the broken barb, instead, cut the appropriate length, place the new barb into the tube, and connect to the manifold.
With these quick tips, you will have our solar pool heating working to full capacity in no time at all.

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