Tips On The Right Outdoor Led Lights For Your Garden

Outdoor LED lights are a fabulous way to extend the use of your garden or entertainment area, long after the sun goes down. What a lot of home owners are unsure about, is what are the best outdoor lights for their garden. Here are some tips to help you choose the best form of LED lights for your outdoors.

Outdoor Deck Lights

Are you after accent, task or decorative lighting?

When choosing outdoor lights, it’s important to ask yourself if you need accent, task or decorative lighting. Accent lighting will help to accentuate your most favoured areas in your garden such as trees or artwork. Task lighting helps to light the way for more practical reasons, such as moving safely around your garden, moving down stairs, for security reasons, or to even light particular entertainment or food preparation areas. Decorative lighting is more in your garden for looks, but can be used to provide more light while you are entertaining.

Ask yourself, how are you going to power your LED lights?

After you have outlined the reasons for your lighting, you need to figure out what is going to work best for you in regards to the power source of your lights. If you have a large area, you probably won’t want cables or electrical cords across your yard, so solar powered lights would be the best option. If your lighting is to go on stairs, walls, or off your house, you can choose lights that require electricity. It is important to weigh up your options. Solar is environmentally friendly, but it is not ideal if the area gets little sunlight, or you need brighter lights. You have a few more options with electricity, however, these can really add to your electricity bill, so you need to consider how often you will use them, as well as the installation and wiring requirements.

Time to design your lighting needs

Once you have an idea set in stone of what type of lighting you need and how you will power your lights, you can set about creating your perfect outdoor lighting designs. Using your understanding of what you need your outdoor lights for, you can start applying these to your garden. If you are looking to make a particular tree or garden feature stand out, uplights will direct light upwards to highlight the area. Spotlights can also be used similarly to uplights. If you need your lighting to help keep you and your family safe and secure while you are outside at night, there are some great options. Downlights point a high level of light downwards, which are ideal for entertainment areas and carports. Path lights can help lead the way when they are placed in intervals along a path, walkway, or stairs. Surface lights are similar again to path lights, but enhance security and visibility, and are better placed in walls, wooden decks, and stairs.

You can really help to turn your backyard into a stunning area with the right Outdoor LED Lights.

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