Involve Your Carport In Your Open Plan Living

Nowadays, carports on Adelaide properties can be so much more than just shelter for your vehicles. Incorporate your carport structure into the modern design of your home for increased appeal and value.

Carports Adelaide

Too many homeowners view building a carport as a necessity, rather than stopping to think how they could best approach the design aspect. The result is a clunky design which does no flow on from the rest of the house. Modern living layouts feature open plan spaces. This design style has the benefit of making your home appear larger, with fewer solid walls and allowing in plenty of natural light. Today’s homeowners are versatile, and so spaces must be multifunctional, or be easily moved around to adapt to new situations. A single loft space can be divided using couches and a dining table for everyday living, and then completely opened up for parties and celebrations.

If you put all of this effort into creating an open and inviting home living area, why would you close it off with a poorly designed carport? Take the time to think about the positioning and possible functionality of your carport. Whether attached to the side of the house or standing alone, a carport can provide an excellent outdoor entertainment space. If it flows on from your verandah, the possibilities are endless for hosting dinners or cocktail nights, even teenage parties for the kids.

Think about installing large floor to ceiling sliding glass doors which open up onto your carport. These could remain open to fully connect the outdoors and indoors when you host events and functions. It is essentially just like adding another room to your home, except this one has the benefit of a slight breeze in summer and being surrounded by a gorgeous garden. If you particularly wanted your carport to be an entertaining area year round, then you may want to look into the options for a more flexible carport which can accommodate walls or screens at different times of the year. These can block out the sun in the heat of summer, or keep rain and chills out in winter.

If you do intend to use your carport for additional entertainment space, then there are some things to consider. You will want a versatile flooring which looks stunning yet is also strong enough to support your car and highly durable. Polished concrete works well. You will also need to consider aspects such as lighting and even installing heaters if you so desire. Storage is always an issue, as things tend to stack up in the carport and get in the way when you want to entertain. A simple shed or some innovative roof storage can overcome this problem.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your carport specialists today, as we look forward to taking on new projects. Visit Pergolarific  for all the best advice about Carports Design in Adelaide directly from our experienced team.


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