How To Use Lemons In Your Home Cleaning In Adelaide

When you think of home cleaning in Adelaide, you probably envision investing in an expensive array of chemicals and cleaning products. But did you know lemons, those little citrus nuggets, are absolute bombs when it comes to destroying germs and dirt. You can use lemons for a wide range of cleaning tasks. When life gives you lemonade, get cleaning! Here are some handy ways that you can use lemons to clean around your home.

Home Cleaning Adelaide

Zap the dirt of your appliances

Appliances like microwaves often end up with baked on food grime that can make home cleaning in Adelaide a real chore. Yet you can make cleaning a breeze with help from the humble lemon. Simply chop up a lemon, pop it in a cup of water, and heat in your microwave until the window is steamy. Leave to sit for about 15 minutes before you open the microwave door, and then when you do, you should be able to wipe it clean without the elbow grease.

How to kill a stain

Lemon and salt usually go with tequila, however, if you have a set-in stain on a delicate fabric, this recipe can really help. Mix lemon and salt together, leave to set for 15 minutes and then rinse well with vinegar and warm water. This same formula can be used on rust stains on your clothes too, except after you apply the mixture, let your clothing dry in the sun, and reapply the mixture until the stain disappears. You can also make sweat stains disappear by rubbing with lemon juice before you pop your clothes in the wash.

Make your fixtures shine when home cleaning in Adelaide

You can make your home really shine with a bit of lemon. You can get rid of tarnished brass by sprinkling with salt and then wiping with lemon juice on a sponge. After your are done, rinse well with water. For chrome, simply rub a cut lemon over fixtures such as taps and drains, then dry thoroughly. You can also use a lemon to clean the white part of your sink. Ensure that your sink is as dry as possible, cut your lemon into wedges, then scrub the sink with both sides of the lemon. Spread the pulp and juice evenly all over your sink, and you can use the skin to scrub problem areas and tile grout. For badly stained areas, mix the lemon with salt to form a paste. Leave it to dry (at least 30 minutes or overnight if you wish). Wipe away and you will notice just how bright your sink is.

It’s not cheesy to use lemon

If you love your cheese, the one thing you probably hate is trying to clean the cheese grater once you are done. You can make it much easier to clean by running the flesh of a cut lemon over the grating part to cut through the left over cheese residue and make it easier to wash up.

It’s the smell of home cleaning in the Adelaide air

If you have a garbage disposal that smells bad, lemons can help with that too. For the garbage disposal, clear food gunk by running through some ice cubes and kosher salt, then some lemon rinds for freshness followed by cold water. To help make your home smell nice and fresh, add some slices of lemon to a saucepan (you can add some other pleasant smelling oils if you wish), and let it simmer on the stove for a bit.

And there you have it, lemons can do wonders when it comes to home cleaning. If you would rather leave the hard work to the professionals, Ascott Cleaning Solutions can take care of your Home Cleaning in Adelaide,  or phone 0452 232 824.


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