Are Steering Wheel Locks a Good Investment?

Homeowners put plenty of effort into their home security system, with cameras, alarms and motion sensors. Most people agree with their locksmith in Adelaide when they advise that you shouldn’t rely on a lock alone. However, when it comes to their vehicles, plenty of people are happy to rely on the standard locking that comes with the car and leave it at that. Unfortunately, carjackers are pretty cunning people, and have worked out some effective ways of getting around standard locks. Before you know it, you’ll come back from the grocery store to find the lock has been jimmied and the car has been hot-wired, and is now nowhere in sight.
Adelaide Locksmith

There are of course plenty of ways to combat this weakness; otherwise locksmiths wouldn’t be in business. Alarm systems are very effective, because as soon as one person’s eyes are on the perpetrator, then the game is over. More effective locks, such as transponder locks are available. If your car doesn’t come with one of these, they can be installed by your locksmith. Chips in these keys communicate with the car, so it is another line of certification other than the grooves of the key when you go to turn on the ignition.

A steering wheel lock is often touted as being the last line of defence for protecting against car theft. While this functionally may be true, from an intimidation perspective, your steering wheel lock is likely to come in handy far sooner than this. When burglars are scoping out a potential car for jacking, they will quickly peek inside the windows, looking for valuables like laptops or wallets. At this point, they are almost certainly going to notice the glaringly obvious obstacle standing in the way of a smooth getaway. If there is no chance of getting away with the car, then it is not as likely that someone will break in in the first place, unless there is a very valuable possession sitting in plain sight.

If your thief does make it into the car even with the lock on the steering wheel, then of course it is a good idea to make sure your lock is as durable as possible. While it does provide a great deterrence measure, it would be stupid to use a lock that doesn’t function very well. Ensure you purchase a high quality model to prevent the risk of a burglar snapping or damaging the device using brute force. Also make sure that the model you buy is a universal fit. Some only work for some car makes or models. There are a few things to consider, so make sure that you know what you need before going into the store.

The best way to guarantee you get a great product is to do a little research beforehand. Chat to your local locksmith in Adelaide about the benefits of a steering wheel lock, or visit Marion Locksmiths.


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