A Locksmith Can Help To Protect Your Mail

When thinking about the security of their home, few people would consider their mailbox, or the mail slot in their door. In reality, this is a point of weakness in the perimeter security of many homes, and something that you can talk to your Adelaide locksmiths business about.

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Your mail is highly personal and confidential. While it might not matter if a burglar got a glance at your junk mail, the truth is we rely on the postal service for much valuable information and documentation, from banking statements to parcels and cheques. Not only that, but it your mail slot is in your front door, then this can be a way for burglars to reach inside and unlock the front door. Either way, whether you have a mails slot or a stand-alone box, it is imperative that you employ some protection measure.

If you have a mailbox at your front gate, then a simple padlock at the back should suffice. It is highly unlikely that someone will be able to reach in through the slot using a device. Most crimes of this nature are purely optimistic, when someone sees an easy target and decides that property is there for the taking. A mail slot in a door is a bit of another matter. Your front door may be protected by hedges or a fence, and so it does not look so suspicious for the intruder to take a closer look. Besides, there is a whole lot more motivation to gain entry to your house and all your valuables rather than just rifle through your mail.

Most locksmiths and home security professionals would advise against a mail slot in your front door altogether. If you cannot afford a new door to replace your old one, then there are mail slot covers you can purchase, or make using a piece of metal and some screws, so long as both the inside and outside are covered for highest protection. If you are determined to keep your door mail slot, then you might consider purchasing a food for either then interior or the exterior or both. This simple feature makes it far more difficult for a thief to break in, through still not impossible.

When using a mail slot as an entry point, burglars will usually poke a tool through the slot and then try to use this to unlock the door. The slot is probably not big enough for their entire arm. Even if they can just damage the lock rather than unlatch it, they will then proceed to bash the door down. Therefore, to protect yourself from this attack, you should also reinforce your front door, and ensure you have one of the strongest locks on the market to minimize the chance of a burglar actually doing any damage.

A professional team can assess your individual security measures and offer tailored advice. Discuss your home security upgrades with Talented Locksmiths in Adelaide from Knight Locksmiths.

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