Maximise Your Pool Heating in Sydney with Pool Blankets

Pool heating does wonders for your Sydney pool. Pool heating gives you year round warmth, but people often question whether they need a pool cover or a pool blanket as well as their pool heating. Your pool heater will adequately provide pool heating without a pool cover on your Sydney pool, however, a pool cover can also provide a host of other benefits. So, let’s take a look at other great reasons for using a pool cover.

Keep Your Pool Heated for Longer

No matter what kind of pool heating option you utilise with your Sydney pool, the water will lose heat to the air overtime if you don’t use a pool cover as well. Heated pools without pool covers require the heater to work harder in order to keep the ideal temperature, which simply adds to your electricity costs. By using a pool cover on your pool when it’s not in use will save you up to 50% on your heating costs, while also heating the pool when you don’t have your pool heater turned on.

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Stops water evaporation

As well as saving on your electricity bill, you can save yourself on water bills by not having to refill your pool as often. Pool Heating of your Sydney pool leads to a large amount of water evaporation. Just by adding a pool cover or blanket, you will help to prevent water evaporation from your pool as it insulates the surface of the pool from the sun.

You not only help to heat your pool for maximum swimming all year round, you can cut between 50% and 98% of water evaporation. Pool covers stop heat escaping overnight, which means that you don’t need to use your pool heating as much, with the pool cover helping to heat your pool for free.

Pool Covers Protect your Pool

There are plenty of bits and pieces that can fall into your pool including leaves, dust, bugs and other animals. These objects can make your pool unhygienic, and that you have to spend more time cleaning your pool and maintaining the filtration system. Pool covers also protect your swimming pool from algae spores entering. With exposure to these items, as well as the need to clean your pool more carefully, you will need to spend more money on chemicals to maintain the health and hygiene of your pool.

A Pool Cover is an Essential Accessory for your Swimming Pool

Pool covers help to extend your swim season and will save you both time and money when it comes to your pool heating in Sydney. They can be used on both indoor and outdoor pools, and a good quality cover will slash your energy costs and water evaporation. The type of cover that will best suit your swimming pool depends on the environment the pool is located in.

If you have pool heating, a pool cover or blanket will work really well in conjunction with it. To learn more about covers, blankets, and Pool Heating Sydney.


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