What Your Child Can Take From Your Dancing Classes In Hawthorn To Help You When It Comes To Competitions

Many students that take up dancing classes in Hawthorn, dream of becoming good enough to enter the competition arena. Before your child starts preparing for their next dance competition, there are some things that they should take from their dance classes that will help them to perform at their best during competitions.

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Become a champion with choreography

They will be successful during a dance competition if they set themselves up with the best choreographer who will create spectacular choreography just for them. There is no doubt that their dancing classes in Hawthorn are taught by highly skilled choreographers. A great choreographer knows exactly how to put together an exciting and entertaining routine, that is sure to make all the dancers shine together with the right music. They will incorporate steps that your child is talented at, and tricks to show off their dance strengths, while hiding any weaknesses they may have.

Outshine with originality

It can be hard to stand out from equally talented teams, but if your child’s team shows the judges something they have never seen before, they will indeed shine. Their choreographer should know, but it is important not to choose popular music or copy routines that have been done somewhere else. Use the dancing classes in Hawthorn as inspiration, however, your child or their team should always go into competition with something brand new.

Slay them with confidence

Getting up in front of a judging panel and room full of people can be incredibly daunting for a child, however, if you remind them to take to the stage confidently, they will be able to take their performance in their stride. They just need to remember everything they have learned during their dancing classes in Hawthorn. This includes keeping their eye contact with the judges and putting all of their energy into their routine. They should learn to dance with their entire body, from head and face, right down to their feet. If things don’t go according to plan, remind them to stay positive and just keep smiling. It’s important that they leave the stage with a smile on their face, and to always show their love of dancing.

Try not to think too much about it

Along with building your child’s confidence, you should aim to help them not to think too much of the Judges or the audience. Remind them of how they feel when they are doing their dancing classes at the Hawthorn studio. Get them envision that all eyes aren’t on them and they are performing just like they do when they are practising. Speaking of practice, practice does make perfect. Preparation and dedication really is the key to an award winning performance

That’s entertainment baby!

People want to watch your child dance because they want to be entertained. This is your child’s chance to show their personality. There are good technical dancers, however, great dancers are the ones that let their personality come through their dance moves. There’s a reason why a young dancer like Maddie Ziegler from ‘Dance Moms’ is a stand out and crowd favourite.

It’s important to remember that competition isn’t everything, and some children may seem better at competing, but it is just that they have mastered these tips along with everything they have learned. If you would like your child taught by the best in the business, enrol them into Local dancing classes in Hawthorn at Stage School.


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