Check Cleaning Off Of Your List

Moving houses when you’re renting is full of hassle and frustration. From tying up loose ends with the landlord to finding a new property that is available at the right time, it can get quite messy. Add the chore of end of lease cleaning in Adelaide on top of this, and it becomes completely overwhelming.

End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide

Trying to get the timing of your move just right comes with plenty of complications. You want ot find something available a week or so before your existing lease runs out, so that you can begin to move your possessions over. Any earlier means you will be paying double rent for longer than necessary and this will be very draining on the funds. Any later, and it means that you will be very rushed in your window to move all of your possessions over. Unfortunately, finding a new home that becomes available in this very narrow period often means settling for something less than ideal. So what can you do to move into a new home you love while not making sacrifices?

There are a few things you can do towards the end to give you a little more time. Ask your landlord if you can extend your lease on either a day by day or even week by week basis to give you those all-important extra couple of days to get things in order.
It is almost impossible to move successfully and efficiently by yourself. The biggest tip for making your move successful is to enlist the help of family and friends. Most obviously, if you don’t hire a full service van, then you will want people to help load and unload the trailer with your possessions. Don’t forget that half the job is cleaning up the old place, not just moving into the new one. This is certainly the less exciting and less glamorous half of the equation, but important none the less if you want to get that all important bond money back.

In order to ensure this goes off without a hitch, it is a wise choice to also rely on some professional assistance. First of all, no matter how much you attempt to declutter before the move, it is guaranteed that when the day comes, you will realise that there is a whole pile of junk that you don’t want to take with you. Leaving it this late to arrange rubbish removal or disposal just adds to the stress. Instead, arrange for a small skip bin or hard rubbish collection for the day that you move.

Finally, there is no substitute for professional cleaners when you are ending your lease. While you will be exhausted after days of moving, they will be able to do a comprehensive job and leave no trace of dirt or grime. Better yet, they have access to all the chemical products and equipment to do jobs well, rather than just whatever spray-and-wipe is below your sink. Areas such as exhaust fans and oven interiors are places where bond inspectors assess thoroughly and professionals will know exactly how to get a tick of approval. Call Ascott Cleaning Solutions on 0432 459 721 if you would like to arrange an end of lease cleaning appointment in Adelaide.


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