Checking Your Roof For Damage And Maintenance Issues

Every year or so, it is a wise choice to inspect your roof for any visible signs of damage or wear. This way, you will be able to spot any potential problems in their infant stages and get help on the way straight away. This saves you money, time and stress, and will make sure your roof restoration in Blackburn doesn’t have any nasty surprises.

Roofing Blackburn

We will preface this by saying that nothing will substitute the inspection of a professional. If you’ve moved in to a new house and don’t know when the roof was last restored, or perhaps it’s been quite a few years since you last had any work done, then hiring a professional might be a good idea. The following quick inspection is more to note any significant problems in the years following a recent inspection, repair or restoration job.

The most dangerous part is getting up to the roof. Ensure you undertake all necessary safety precautions, including wearing a belt for your tools so that they don’t get in the way and you have both hands free. Your ladder needs ot be well secured to the roof, and propped at an angle of one foot out for every four feet of height. Always keep both hands free for gripping the ladder, and wear sunglasses if it is sunny so that you are not blinded. Of course, having some helpers is always recommended, first someone on the ground holding the ladder and people to help you with tools or equipment.

Once you are up there, you are looking for buckling, blistering and lifting of shingles. Paint may be bubbling which indicates water present, either in the tile or trapped beneath it. Shingles that have been knocked may have cracked or broken. Feel around to see if anything is loose, and this also means being incredibly careful where you step. There may be some wear of tiles in a certain direction if your gutters are not draining properly and the water has diverted another route. Excessive granules in your gutters could be another sign that your tiles are eroding too quickly. Not any of these issues to your roofing provider and they will soon tell you if it is a cause for concern or nothing to worry about.

As well as an exterior check, you can perform a quick interior check. Go into the attic with the lights off, and nee if you can spot any specks of sunlight shining through, because this is a hole in the roof. Turn the lights on and have a look for any water marks or signs of mould. The smell will tell you if mildew is present or not. Go into the rooms of your home and also check the roof and top of the walls for yellowing and water marks. Any sign of these and the problems might already be significant. You can always rely on the premium local roof restoration team in Blackburn from Coghlan Roofing.


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