Attend To Your Unstable Chimney

Have you noticed something fishy about your chimney? Perhaps it is leaning, or has developed some serious cracks. Have a qualified roof restoration team in Melbourne come and take a look; they can often handle some of this structural work as well.

Roof Restoration Melbourne

The first bad sign is a chimney that is leaning one way or another. This sway is only going to get worse over time. Only a degree or two off centre and the additional weight is enough to send the chimney toppling, which is of course going to damage the rest of your roof and home. Anything can cause leaning over a period of time, from the chimney being hit with debris or a consistent wind direction, or improper mortar and building practices. Leaning chimneys need not always be demolished. Sometimes, after a meticulous inspection of the degree of damage, the chimney can be reinforced so as to adequately support the lean. This is very affordable and removes the risk of further damage.

Vertical cracks are another common feature on older and more worn chimneys. These are a direct result of years of the chimney being in fairly regular operation. In carrying smoke outside, the chimney is exposed to extreme heat. It will naturally expand and contract, as will any structure throughout the different stages of the year. The cracks are areas of weakness in the structure, and so a flue lining will need to be installed to combat this.

Demolished chimney breasts are a worryingly common crime. This occurs when the house has been renovated. We don’t tend to light fires as much as people once did, what with ducted heating now so common. People therefore see fireplaces as a waste of space rather than character features and demolish them. When demolishing a fireplace however, the responsible and logical thing to do is also to demolish the chimney stack above it. After all, fireplaces are designed in such a way that they support the above stack, and so without it, it makes sense that the stack will not be stable.

Finally damp can wreak havoc on your older chimney. When fires are lit and burn out, little particles of sulphate are left behind in the chimney. When moisture enters the chimney, it reacts with this sulphate to create a weak form of acid which then erodes the structure from within. Damp is only a problem for chimneys with poor ventilation. A well ventilated flue is designed so that warm air constantly rises and removes moisture from the chimney on its way up.

The good news is that all of these chimney issues are able to be fixed, either with repair, adding support or by knocking down and replacing. While they are up there, the technicians can take a look to see whether there are any broken tiles or warped beams. Who knows, you may decide you want an Entire Roof Restoration Job in Melbourne, which is easily handled by TLG Roofing.


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