Get Rid Of Backflow Once And For All

Backflow is a frustrating problem for many homeowners, in that it persists even when the problem is thought to be dealt with. Unfortunately, some plumbers only deal with the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem, which will result in the issue resurfacing in a year or two. Wat you need is a reliable plumber professional in Northcote to get to the bottom of it.

Plumber Northcote

Backflow is water that travels in the opposite direction to what you want. Essentially it occurs when the mains pressure is lower than your plumbing pressure. This lower mains pressure can come about for a number of reasons, such as a burst pipe, frozen pipe, or if there is a particularly high demand on mains water, for example if fire hydrants are in use. Unfortunately, inconvenience is not the biggest of your worries with backflow. As well as having only a weak drizzle coming out of your shower or tap, backflow can also present health risks to potable water.

The reduced pressure in your pipes can cause contaminated water, either from soil, storage or another source, to be drawn up into your pipe and enter your water supply. This can result in some serious and unpleasant consequences, so at the first sign of either strange water from your tap, or a lowered water pressure throughout the home you should get in touch with a professional to assess the damage.

There are various categories of backflow potable water risk, ranging from slight aesthetic quality affected, such as water which has been heated, all the way up to presents of toxic substances such as pesticides and even human waste. Clearly this is an area which requires careful attention as well as clear government regulation. An air gap is one of the most common and successful backflow preventer devices around. This is a vertical gap that collects any contaminated water and prevents it from entering the drinking water supply. Alternatively, mechanical backflow prevention devices can also be installed.

Most commonly in Melbourne, backflow is the result of an urgent issue such as a broken pipe, rather than a problem with the initial installation. When this is the case, more unprofessional plumbers will simply try to patch up your pipe for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, you will get what you pay for, and the pipe will burst again shortly. If it is not fully replaced, that patch is still going to be a weakness in your overall water system. A reputable plumber who knows what they are doing will be able to conduct a series of tests that firstly determines how bad the situation is and then secondly determines the single source of the problem. Don’t risk it; get in touch at the first sign of trouble.

Get in touch with one of the most dependable names in the business, and visit NLK Plumbing for assistance with all of your Urgent Plumber Needs in Northcote.

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