The Real Estate World Shifts Online

It was only a matter of time before the real estate industry realised the full potential of the online realm. For years agents have used the internet as a support to their face-face strategies, but now buyers and vendors alike can connect online without the hassle of real estate agent mediation in Melbourne.

Real Estate Agent Melbourne

While there are surely some professional real estate agents out there, everyone has heard of a horror story of information lost in translation and generally poor management which can make buying or selling homes a headache. The simple fact is that placing an agent between buyer and seller distances the two primary parties from one another. Every communication or query has to pass through the filter of the agent, and this can be incredibly frustrating, especially when obstacles arise. That being said, agents also provide a level of security and assurance, knowing all the official avenues and helping you negotiate contracts and meetings. An online real estate platform can combine the benefits in an easy and reliable way, so that you can do away with an agent altogether.

Agents have their limitations if they are primarily offline. Gone are the days of only being contactable in business hours, or having to attend meetings and inspections in person. With more and more investors interested in the Melbourne market coming from overseas, these traditional rules are simply not feasible. With online real estate portals, buyers and sellers alike can monitor their properties from their own account at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.

Visiting properties in person is time consuming and it can be expensive if you are coming from overseas or interstate, not to mention the inconvenience of flying over. Because of this, buyers will limit themselves to only viewing the most promising properties, potentially missing out on their dream home. Online, you can view any number of listings and galleries from your computer, tablet or phone. As well as viewing images, floorplans and descriptions, you can contact vendors directly with any questions or for more information. Virtual tours make it feel like you’re there, and are a whole lot easier for the bust modern lifestyle.

Finally, there is far less pressure and psychological tricks when you are buying online. You can rationally compare properties and decide the amount you wish to offer or bid. At a traditional auction, the home is in the background interfering with your judgement, the auctioneer is rambling and making you nervous and the people around you are intimidating and potential rivals. Auctioneers use this setting to their advantage to get buyers to bid more than they may have wanted to, in order to one-up each other. Relaxing and maintaining a level head at auction time is the difference between nabbing a great deal and regretting overspending.

Gain that all-important advantage when you take real estate into your own hands all while protected by one of the emerging names in the industry. Discover the revolutionary Real Estate Agent Approach in Melbourne today with BidRhino.


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