Steam Clean The Carpets Before You Move in Melbourne

Moving into a new property can be stressful and exciting. It seems like your possessions are never ending and the list of tasks still to be completed just gets longer and longer. However, there is no excuse to skip your necessary carpet steam cleaning session in Melbourne.Carpet Steam Cleaning MelbourneYou have no idea who the previous occupants were and how they lived. It is quite possible that they rarely cleaned very thoroughly and that the carpet is still full of bacteria and dust. Perhaps they were indoor smokers and that musty smell has lingered in the carpet. In other cases, previous owners may have had indoor pets which shed hair that gets caught in the carpet. It may be invisible, but it can be a nightmare for allergy and hay fever sufferers.

People often buy a new home with the intention to renovate or remodel. Perhaps you have bought the property for under market value and are hoping to make some changes that will add significant value as an investment. Old carpet is a turn off for anyone, and you most likely are thinking about ripping it up and replacing it with floorboards, tiles or even fresh carpet. Before you do so, it is certainly worth chatting to a carpet cleaning professional about the condition of the carpet and whether all it really needs is a good clean. Granted, some of the time the dated patterns are simply too much to bare, and in this case it is better to recarpet. But if it’s just an old, plain carpet that you think looks a little dirty, then get in the help of a steam cleaner. Not only does steam clean lift stains, the heat disinfects the fibres and even fluffs up the carpet, leaving it looking as good as new.

In the hurry to move in, it is easy to forget to clean the home first. Actually, this is the best time you will ever have to clean your home, because there is no furniture to get in the way. You will not be tempted to say to yourself ‘near enough is good enough’ and avoid shifting heavy pieces around. A house may have been on the market for weeks or months, and the owners may not have arranged professional cleaning prior to this. The most thorough vacuum cannot match the impressive results of steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning before importing furniture is such a wise choice. We all know that couches and beds can leave unsightly imprints in carpet that are difficult to lift. If the placement of your new furniture differs from that of the previous owner’s, then you can be left with some odd depressions in your carpet that throw off the balance of your room. A steam clean will lift your carpet and leave it fluffy, with no sign of dents or imprints. Better yet, your new furniture will leave less of an impression on freshly cleaned carpet if you choose ot move your things around at a later date.

Professional cleaning not only sucks up dust but also disinfects, scrubs and washes carpet fibres, leaving nothing behind but a beautiful fresh carpet. Contact Total Cleaning Melbourne for a comprehensive carpet steam cleaning quote in Melbourne today.

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