The Most Striking Tiles For Your Restoration

Choose cement for your roof restoration in Melbourne, and you will be rewarded in the years to come. Concrete tiles are made using a combination of sand, cement and water, then moulded under high heat and pressure. This procedure can shape the tiles into anything you want, from traditional flat to wavy or ridged. They are fully flexible in their design, and can come with a paint-like coating to match just about any colour scheme.

Roof Restoration Melbourne

First and foremost, most homeowners who are renovating their home choose concrete tiles because of the obvious cost benefit. Concrete tiles are approximately 30% more affordable than clay tiles. When undergoing a major project such as a roof restoration, costs always seem to pile up and swallow the initial budget. Time and time again people look to ways to tastefully update their home while not breaking the bank. If you already had concrete tiles and likes the look of them, then it is a no brainer. Some homes which did have terracotta or other clay tiles can equally benefit from the cheaper concrete alternative.

Concrete tiles are typically slightly smaller than clay ones. In a square metre of roof space, you might lay either ten concrete tiles or thirteen clay tiles. This may seem hardly significant, however it can make quite a difference in terms of time taken to lay and adhere your tiling. Concrete tiles are also far better at resisting water compared to clay tiles. Concrete tiles absorb less than ten percent of water from the body and virtually none from the surface, whereas clay tiles can absorb up to fifteen percent.

Some people worry about concrete being too heavy as a roofing material. It is true that concrete can weight more than clay, up to a total of 42kg per square metre compared to clay’s 36kg. However, provided your roof and house structure is fully secure, this should cause no issue. When ripping up an old rood, tilers will be able to locate any signs of strain in your building if this is the case. The heavier material actually means that your roof is far stronger in terms of being resistant to cracks and chips. Branches and other falling debris will be of no concern. In particularly cold areas, concrete also outperforms clay which cracks in the frost.

When we think of concrete, we may not initially associate it as being the greenest material in the world. However, it is actually an incredibly environmentally friendly choice. Sand and cement are virtually infinite resources, and the tiles can be fully recycled. So many homes are using polished concrete floors today for the magnificent insulation capabilities. Roofing with concrete will deliver these same benefits, keeping you warm in winter and cooler in summer. There really is very little downside to bringing your roof back to life with concrete.

You can always get in touch with TLG Roofing & Restorations for further assistance from their stellar roof restoration department in Melbourne.

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