Tackle That Gardening Project

Have you been putting off taming the jungle that is growing in your backyard? It’s time to clear your weekend schedule and attack it head on. Just be sure to arrange premium green waste removal services in Melbourne in advance.

A working bee at your house can quickly make you realise just how much work needs to be done. You might begin with weeding the garden beds only to discover that your fence posts are rotting or that your retaining walls are crumbling. If you interrupt your momentum you’ll never get back to it, so it is always a wise choice to leave plenty of time for this type of project to allow for these obstacles that must be overcome.

It is so important to think about Waste Removal in Melbourne before you get going. First of all, skips are not always available on the day and so this can limit when you can get started. Secondly, it limits the amount of labour you have to perform. If you begin work and start piling up your offcuts, only to order a bin at a later date, then you will have to lift all of these heavy items a second time to load them into the bin.

Waste Rremoval Melbourne

If you only have a very minimal amount of debris, then hiring a skip to arrive the day of your project is best. Of course, when working with green waste such as shrubs, trees and even decking or fencing, items are going to be all different shapes and sizes. When you stack them into a skip bin, no matter how carefully you do so, there are going to be gaps. This means space that you have paid for is going to waste. More often than not, items aren’t even stacked carefully; they’re simply thrown in without a second thought.

For those in the garden wanting either better value for their money, or simply to get rid of more material than a skip bin can handle, then there is a far better option on the table. Some waste companies are now offering a moving service for your waste. Instead of getting you to do all the hard work at quite a high price, they are doing the opposite. Better yet, you don’t need to arrange it before you begin your working bee. Simply get stuck into it and pile up all of your waste in an accessible area of the garden. Then, make a call and a couple of staff will arrive in a truck to collect your rubbish. Don’t be intimidated by the size of the truck, because this is actually a far more affordable option. The company will load your rubbish for you, but stack it in the most efficient way possible so that it uses less space. Then, they will only charge you for the space that your material used, rather than the cost of if the entire truck was filled, as is done with a skip bin. This lack of a fixed fee means that you are much more flexible to do as little or as much as you want without feeling like you have to make the most of a bin while it is there to get your money’s worth.

Chat to Must Collect Rubbish at Mustcollectrubbish.com.au and book your first waste removal appointment in Melbourne.

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