How To Restore a Tudor Roof

Undergoing a quality roof restoration in Bentleigh is something that every renovator strives for. However, when it comes to period and heritage properties, the standard which must be adhered to soars even higher. Make sure that you treat your Tudor home with the respect it deserves.

Roof Restoration Brighton

Tudor homes are reminiscent of old English country properties. The style was first introduced to Australia in the 1830s and quickly grew in popularity. The style is characterised entirely by the iconic roof, featuring steep pitched gables with contrasting panelling decoration. Tudor homes in America were once given the label ‘stockbroker homes’ because of the affluent owners.

Without doubt, the most important part of a Tudor restoration is in the roof. These roofs are tiled using primarily terracotta, but occasionally concrete tiles. You will want to identify a tile manufacturer who can deliver exactly what you want for your Tudor roof. Due to the shape of a Tudor roof, ideally tiles which come in a range of slightly different sizes, or can be made to measure, are ideal. Unlike the roof of say, a cottage, this roof will be full of shape angles and different slopes. It requires an experienced tiler to execute well.

Perfecting the right colour for your tile is a skill and an art. Most likely, you will be guided by the previous tiles that lined your roof. However, not all terracotta tiles are made equal. Most likely, your old roof will have weathered over a period of many years and have dulled in colour. You will want to choose modest, natural hue terracotta which complements not only your home but also the surrounding environment, be it nature or other homes. Terracotta which is too vibrant or too pale will not blend in with the current aesthetic, which is the ultimate goal here.

This is where trusting a more prominent tile manufacturer is a great thing. Larger companies have the resources to help their customers in ways that smaller our boutique tilers simply cannot. Notably, some businesses now offer a virtual colour match program, allowing you to gather a more reliable visual picture of how the result will look. More experienced professionals will of course be able to offer their expertise and a helping hand at any stage.

Before beginning any tiling work, or changes to the appearance or structure of your home at all, it is important to consult with your local planning office. It is often the case that traditional Tudor homes may fall under heritage or partial-heritage listings. This label will potentially limit or at least direct you in how you can modify the property. Projects such as roof restorations are usually not a big problem for these regulations, as such a procedure is helping to keep the entire home in good condition and extend its lifespan. However, it certainly must be done tastefully and within specific guidelines.

Always go for quality, and make decisions that will go the distance as well as add immediate value to your home. Please contact Coghlan Roofing Melbourne for more valuable roof restoration tips for Bentleigh homes.

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