Carports For Heritage Homes

When some older South Australian homes were first built, carports in Adelaide were not among the standard features, as cars were not as common as they are today. As a result, there are many owners of older or in particular heritage homes wanting to add a carport but unsure of the obstacles they may face. Not only do you want to get this process right in terms of the value and appearance of your home, but there may also be council restrictions regarding heritage listings which could incur significant fines if disobeyed or ignored.

Carports Adelaide

First of all, it is highly advised to opt for a custom design when working with a heritage property. The simple fact is that many of the modern design choices available today will look entirely out of place on such a home. Making the wrong design choice will be a very costly mistake, and could make you a new enemy in your council. Follow your area’s guidelines as closely as possible; they have been put in place to maintain the aesthetic and history which is a fantastic thing. Think of these guidelines as not restricting, but like a safety net to stop you from making any regrettable decisions.

The next thing to consider is placing. Heritage properties should be concerned with not only having the carport in the same style as the home, but also not obstructing the existing home. You want to interfere with the street view of your home as little as possible. This means that ideally the side of the home and further back from the street, perhaps behind the home is ideal in the opinion of many design gurus. Directly beside the house is a very popular choice and can look beautiful if executed correctly. The one location which is not recommended is right on the foot path line if this is not where your house is set. This spot makes the carport the dominant feature, which is not what any homeowner would want, least of all a heritage home owner. Take pride in your prestigious property and make the house the hero.

In terms of the actual construction of the carport, try to mimic that of the home as much as possible. In particular, the roof must look at home next to your home, as this is the dominant feature of a carport. Try to match the angels of your gables, or the slope if it is a sideways pitched roof. Double garages may even include two gables similar to a bungalow. Of course, the materials and colours are also elements that need to match. If finding identical colour paint is becoming a problem, then this might be the ideal time to give your house roof the paint job it needs. One of the main problems of any new addition to a heritage property is that it looks too new, in finishes and condition. Talk to the experienced carports experts in Adelaide at Western Pergolas ‘n’ Decks about how this can be overcome.

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