How to Seduce Your Husband with Sexy Lingerie Purchased Online

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, sexy lingerie that you’ve purchased online will do the trick. However, once you’ve got the gear, how do you seduce your husband? Every man is different, and what works for one man may not work for another, however, seduction is an art form that when done right can turn on your husband and set the scene for your love making pleasure. Here are some tips for helping turn on the wildest fantasies of your husband with sexy lingerie you’ve picked up from an online store.

Know your husband’s desires

If you aren’t sure what your husband likes, why not ask him. Have an open discussion and it might surprise you. If he’s not into simple black lingerie, you are sure to find something that gets him going from the array of Sexy Lingerie Available Online. Want to surprise him? Start studying him and see what his preferences are. You can listen for comments from your husband that could be he likes your hair a certain way, a particular scent you wear, or the way an outfit looks on your body, and use what he likes to invite him to enjoy your sexuality. By using your physical attributes and what accentuates them, you will go a long way to seducing your husband.

Sexy Lingerie Online                     Sexy Lingerie Online

Go lady commando

Sometimes it’s not what you are wearing, but NOT what you are wearing which can help to seduce your husband. Heading out for a date night, whisper to your husband that you aren’t wearing knickers. Or if you are feeling daring, take your knickers off subtly during your date, and place them in his hands. He will be riled with desire and ready to take you as soon as he is able to get his hands on you.

Tempt him with a tease

If you are uncomfortable with letting your lady bits out in public, you can do some other sensual things wearing the sexy lingerie you found online. If he’s not at home with you, take some saucy selfies of you in the lingerie to show him exactly what he’s missing out on. Once he’s home, do a sexy striptease, taking off the sexy lingerie one piece at a time. You don’t have to go all stripper like, take a clue from burlesque (with or without nipple tassels), or take your bra off and walk around the house. He will be driven wild with anticipation.

Go red to get him in bed

The colour of your lingerie can help to get him in the mood. While black is seen as traditionally sexy, it’s the colour red that scientifically turns on the primal mating instinct in men. Invest a sexy red negligee or some crotchless panties.

There are so many ways that you can use lingerie to seduce your husband, and remember it’s all about making YOU feel seductive and sensual, while making your husband feel desired, loved, and affirmed. He doesn’t always have to make the first move, when you invest in lingerie, you can use it initiate more intimate moments with your lover. You now know the ways you can seduce, and if you haven’t got your hot little hands on lingerie yet, purchase sexy lingerie online from the comfort of your own bedroom from

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