Help Adelaide Locksmiths With Some Easy Home Security Strategies

An Adelaide based locksmiths business can be of great assistance in making sure burglars cannot enter your home. After conducting a site inspection, an experienced professional will recommend and fit the most appropriate and durable locks to doors and windows, as well as any desired extras such as CCTV and alarm systems. However, it is important to remember that your home security defence does not end at the front door. In fact, relying on locks and hardware should be your last resort. With a little common sense, there are plenty of steps that you can take to minimise your risk of being targeted in the first place.

Locksmith Adelaide

You really want to make your property undesirable to a burglar from the street. During a drive by or a walk on the footpath is when someone will first scout out your property and decide whether it looks easy to rob. Being rejected as an easy target at this early stage is what you should strive for. This has nothing to do with the brand of lock on your front door or how much money is in your wallet on the dresser.

First and foremost, high fences are a no brainer. Burglars don’t like the unknown. Leafy trees and shrubs are also a good ideal for this reason. Burglars like big glass windows where they can see exactly what they might be up against. High fences block this view and make it hard for someone to plan their attack. They are also obviously much harder to climb, not to mention climb in a non-suspicious way.

Secondly, a good, open relationship with your neighbours is so important. When you are not at home, your neighbour is especially important. While no one is going to stand at the window 24/7 looking for suspicious activity, it just might be the case that they happen to notice a foreign car parked for long periods of time or driving slowly past several times per day. They might not even notice themselves noticing anything, but the more you chat and keep an eye out for each other, the safer the neighbourhood will become. Another idea to scare off burglars from the street is to get a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign. Now, these are a bit of a cliché, and it is quite possible that a professional intruder will suspect that you don’t have a dog. However, anything to cast doubt in their mind is worth having, and together these little things can be the difference between choosing your house and one down the road.

There have been some stories surfacing lately which concern burglars scouting out potential targets and marking them with some sort of commercial sticker. In this scenario, a scout will identify a house which looks plausible, either with a low fence or where they have caught the owner retrieving the spare key, and walk over carrying a business sticker. They place this on the letter box, fence post or gate to alert the burglar later that this house is a good target. It is thought that the advertising stickers are used so that should scouts get caught, they can claim to be going door to door with promotional materials. If you spot any new marks such as this, remove them immediately.

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