When It Comes To Re Roofing Melbourne, What Is Bedding And Pointing?

If you are thinking about re roofing your Melbourne home, you may want to do a bit of research about bedding and pointing. This is one of the most common questions that is asked of people in the roofing industry. If you’ve heard your roof contractors throwing it around in regards to the re roofing of your Melbourne property, here is everything you should know.

Re Roofing Melbourne

Let’s start with roof bedding

When it comes to re roofing in Melbourne, roof bedding is the sand and cement mortar that holds your roof tiles in place. This roof bedding may need re bedding over time if it is not looked after, or starts to fall apart from natural wear and tear such as cracking and shrinking. When this happens there is a risk that your roof tiles may become unsecured, becoming dislodged, or falling off the roof. As you can probably guess this is dangerous, and can cause further damage to your roof if left untreated. When you are looking at re roofing your Melbourne home, your roof contractor will check your roof and see if any area needs to be re bedded. To fix the problem they will apply a cement mortar that will go over the area to increase the strength of the mortar, providing a durable protection layer that will add to the life of your bedding. And this is where the pointing comes in to the re roofing procedure.

And what does roof pointing do?

The roof pointing is the second layer that is placed over the top of the roof bedding to help make a stronger bond on the tiles, and seal the roof from any water or dust penetrating it. In bygone years, cement was the mortar used for the roof pointing process, however, as technology has improved, this has been replaced by flexible pointing compounds. These new and compounds contract and expand during changing weather conditions, making it stronger than traditional mortar which is more likely to leak during storms. Flexible roof pointing also helps to blend the colour of the roof tiles and the ridges, and has been used in Australia since the mid 90s. If a roof hasn’t been re pointed in that time, you should ensure that your contractor uses this during your re roofing in Melbourne.

Why roof bedding and pointing is so important during re roofing?

Bedding is the foundation for which your tiles and ridge capping tiles sit. Pointing is the protective layer that goes over your bedding and helps to fix your tiles during the extreme weather conditions that Melbourne is often known for. When your home is being re roofed, there is a strong chance that there will be areas that need to be re bedded to repair any loose or cracked bedding, before re pointing. The reapplication of roof bedding and pointing is essential for the structure of your roof, which requires regular maintenance to ensure you have a strong roof for many years to come. To book a re roofing at your Melbourne home, phone 0402 167 483.

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