How To Nail The Audition After You’Ve Had Acting Lessons In Melbourne

It’s no secret that the competition is fierce when it comes to acting, which is why acting lessons in Melbourne are so important. Standing out from a crowd of thousands can seem like a near impossible feat. However, there are some valuable acting lessons techniques in Melbourne if you want to turn heads.

Let’s ace that audition

First of all, remember that your audition begins the moment you step in front of the judges. This means that before you even open your mouth, or compose your features, you are being scrutinised. You will want to be punctual, equipped with everything you need for the audition. Being early and organised also helps to put you in a better frame of mind. Every part of your body language is sending a crucial message, whether you realise it or not. You will want to practise a confident gait, an open posture, and direct eye contact that doesn’t feel uncomfortable. If you have a tendency to shake or quiver, try to get this under control with breathing techniques and other calming pre-audition rituals. Otherwise, it comes across as amateur and unprofessional to a panel. You’ve probably heard that in a job interview, your interviewer will size you up in the first five seconds and make a decision leaning one way or another. It can be changed, but it is difficult once an impression has been made. The same applies for an audition, and so it is worth spending the time and effort required to nail your entrance. Acting lessons in Melbourne will go a long way to helping you prepare.

Choosing the right audition piece

Many young actors struggle with choosing a great audition piece. There is that fine line between choosing something cliché, or something so obscure that no one knows what you’re talking about. Every audition will be different, and it will be up to you to select a monologue that suits the part and the situation. Never fall into the trap of switching the night before to something you’ve just found that looks impressive. You will likely not have studied it enough to appreciate the full range of meaning and the correct delivery to do it justice. Find a piece that you feel you understand, this may be something that you fell in love with during your acting lessons in Melbourne, and then practice and refine it until you are fully confident. Feel free to experiment at this stage, as the most obvious delivery is often not the most interesting or the one that best shows off your talent.

Always be humble

Finally, casting directors are people, not gods. There is nothing worse than grovelling at their feet and blushing at a genuine compliment. Accept constructive feedback if you receive it, knowing that it is in their interest to help you improve. Look at this as an opportunity to show what you have and also to better yourself, not simply as a chance to receive a compliment. Furthermore, don’t apologise unless you actually do something wrong. If a casting director tells you to try it again but with more X, don’t apologise for not doing that to begin with. Using everything you’ve learnt from your acting lessons in Melbourne, take the direction, and give it your best shot.

Like with anything, practice makes perfect. So, what better way to refine your audition than to attend leading Acting Lessons in Melbourne with Stage School.

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