How To Create Ideal Workstations at Your Office Desks in Adelaide

Have a look around your office right now, how are your office desks in Adelaide set up? There is a high chance that your office desks in Adelaide are not set up correctly for your optimal health and work efficiency. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure that the office desks in your Adelaide office are doing you good and not harm. Take a look at these helpful tips below.Office Furniture Adelaide

It’s all in the way you chair

Keeping your posture in line is really important when you are sitting at your office desks in Adelaide all day long. You know your chair is at the right height when your knees and hips are roughly the same height, and when sitting in the seat, your elbows are bent between 90 and 110 degrees. Your forearms should be parallel to the ground with your wrists in an even position. You should be sure to change your posture regularly because sitting in the one position for a long period of time is not entirely healthy for you either.

Time to set up your computer on your office desks Adelaide

Speaking of wrists, when you are typing, avoid bending your wrists either upwards or downwards as you type. Your keyboard needs to be kept at the right height where your forearms are bent no more than 20 degrees while sitting. Be sure to choose a slightly raised keyboard or one that fits the size of your hands, and use a wrist rest if you need it. Keep your mouse as close to your keyboard as possible so you don’t need to reach too far from your keyboard. Your computer screen monitor should also be between 50 and 100 centimetres from your face, and the centre should sit at your eye level. If your workstation is not big enough to fit your monitor that far away, or in a corner, change to a flat screen monitor if possible, or add an attachable computer tray. Once your computer monitor is at the right distance, you can adjust the brightness and contrast.

Set up your workstation so everything you need is within sight and reach

The perfect workstation for office desks in Adelaide has all your important needs such as telephone, writing equipment, books, pens, and more, available close by so you don’t need to stretch in order to reach anything. Bundle all your electrical cables together so they are out of the way. You can also use a docking station to plug in all your equipment. If you are on the telephone a lot and need to type at the same time, it’s a good idea to use a hands-free headset. A head-set will you the ability to multi task while you are on the phone, and it will also prevent you from getting a sore neck while you have the phone between your shoulder and your ear.


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