Why Your Electrician in Williamstown will Tell You Testing and Tagging is important

Your local electrician in Williamstown will tell you that it’s important to have testing and tagging services done regularly at your business. Electrical testing and tagging involves inspecting and testing your appliances for safety concerns. Want to know more about what testing and tagging entails? Let a dedicated electrician in Williamstown answer all your burning questions right now.

What do I need testing and tagging for?

Electrician Williamstown: As a business owner, you have a duty of care to all your employees, and this means ensuring that you maintain all of your office equipment in order to ensure that you have a safe working environment. Test and tagging is covered under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004), which means you actually have a legal obligation. In March 2015, there was a revised model Code of Practice- Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace, and this provides a practical guide for business owners. As an Electrician in Williamstown, we know firsthand that there are plenty of hazards associated with electrical equipment, so regular assessments can help to eliminate or control risks within your business. It is no surprise to us that WorkSafe Victoria is actively enforcing the minimal standard of tag and testing to standards AS/NZS 3760. This standard applies to all kinds of electrical equipment in every single business.

Electrician Williams town

What needs to be tested and tagged?

Electrician Williamstown: All electrical appliances in your office should be tested and tagged. The Australian standards specifies that these include low voltage single phase and polyphase electrical equipment that is connected to electricity by a flexible cord or connection device. This includes office equipment, computers, tools, school equipment, powerboards, extension leads, and electric hand tools. You should also test and tag equipment that has been placed into service in your business for the first time; is already in-service; has just been serviced or repaired; was purchased second-hand; or was hired.

So, how often do I need to test and tag?

Electrician Williamstown: The Australian standard for testing and tagging is quite broad, and it does depend on the type of the environment that the appliance is located in. As a general rule you should tag and test equipment including tools and leads every 3 months in building, construction and demolition sites; every 6 months in factories, warehouses and production sites; and in general offices you should test and tag every 12 months where your equipment is prone to flexing or open abuse; and every 5 years if your equipment is not prone to flexing or open abuse. As well as regular testing and inspections, the standard specifies that safety switches should be checked monthly, and electrical equipment should be inspected and tested before returning to service after a repair or servicing, or if equipment has been purchased second hand.

When it comes to testing and tagging at your business or worksite, your highly skilled electrician in Williamstown can assist, simply call Electricians On Call on 1800 815 278 or visit Electriciansoncall.com.au.


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