Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Agricultural Sprayers

A farmer’s work is never done, and with spraying season just around the corner, it’s time to look at your agricultural sprayers. Plenty can go wrong when using a sprayer on your farm or property. So, take the time and effort before you get started, and ensure you get the best performance out of your agricultural sprayers with these simple tips.

It’s time to calibrate

Applying chemicals to your crop with agricultural sprayers that are not properly calibrated could be devastating to your yield. Make sure you have sufficient weed and insect chemicals by checking the application rate on your sprayers. An extra tip, when you are checking your calibration, be sure to use water instead of chemicals to ensure that you are properly protected. You should remember to calibrate your sprayer frequently throughout spraying season to ensure it’s in peak condition. If you are only calibrating once a season, it won’t be enough.

Know your nozzles

Not only do you need to make sure your agricultural sprayers are pumping the right amount of chemicals, the nozzle you choose can also affect how much coverage your crops receive. Choose the right nozzle for your needs, and make sure the nozzle is also unclogged for maximum efficiency.

Pick your pace

Keep in mind, your travel speed while using your Agricultural Sprayers can have ramifications on how well your chemicals are sprayed onto your crops. If you are going fast, this will cut the application rate of your chemicals. Likewise, reducing your speed can place too much of your chemicals on your crops. Remember, your chemical spray can also drift in the wind, so try to spray on a day that is not too windy.

Agricultural SprayersBe prepared

When you’re in the field, you can never be sure of what might go wrong with your agricultural sprayers, so it pays to always ensure that you carry extra nozzles, washers, tools, and other spare parts.

Watch your pressure

You might not realise it, however, variations in sprayer pressure can cause changes to the application rate, droplet size, and the pattern of spray that comes out.

Safety first

The safety of yourself, your family, and your farm animals is top priority, so always ensure you are all kept safe by carefully reading and following your chemical and equipment instructions and recommendations. Also, make sure you follow any laws and regulations regarding pesticide application. When using chemicals in agricultural sprayers, always wear protective gear including clothing, rubber gloves, and respirators.

Pesticides and fertilisers are are not cheap, so save yourself time and money by ensuring that your sprayers are as accurate as possible. Green Gorilla spray systems are perfect for farms and large properties. Easy to use, fast, and effective, Green Gorilla agricultural products allow you to spray your whole property without having to manually pump. For the very best agricultural sprayers that will help get the job done, visit or phone 0433 703 134.

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