Lights, Camera, Action! Why Your Child Should Take Part in an Acting Course in Melbourne

Whether your child is shy and introverted, or maybe they have natural dramatic talent, by enrolling your child in an acting course in Melbourne, they can pick up a host of fun and exciting skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. Here are some great reasons why your child should take part in an acting course in Melbourne.

Acting Course Melbourne

Acting builds confidence in children

While it may sound terrifying to get on stage, if you have a child that is anxious or afraid about speaking in front of the class, acting classes could be exactly what the doctor ordered. An acting course in Melbourne might not be considered traditional therapy, however it can dramatically boost self-confidence, especially in children. Confidence also grows when children are able to follow through with a given task. They hone this skill though acting classes, rehearsal sessions and auditions. Acting courses give children the opportunity to expand parts of their personality, and many discover that they aren’t as limited in their skills and talents as what they may have believed. Acting is handy for helping children to express how they feel creatively in a safe environment, and many children thrive when they have the opportunity to take part. Children also tend to take pride in their ability to perform. The confidence acquired by children when they take part in an acting course in Melbourne, is the perfect foundation for greater self confidence in other aspects of their lives.

Skills for life

You may think that the career options associated with acting will limit your child’s future prospects, however, nothing could be further from the truth. The skills your child will learn during their acting course, will be skills that they can use in the real world. For example, improvisation acting skills will help to hone a child’s critical thinking skills and ability to cope under pressure. Studies also show that children who take part in acting courses do better in school, and are better at listening, comprehending, and utilising their social skills. With acting, a strong emphasis is placed on communicating, and good communication is essential for making friends, excelling at school, and having a successful career. Drama teaches children a wide range of communication skills including speaking clearly and speaking with confidence.

Acting is ideal for having fun and keeping out of trouble

Many of today’s most popular actors and actresses took up acting because they couldn’t participate in sport for one reason or another, or it was a way to help with their hyperactivity or other behavioural issues. By having something else to focus all their energies on, children are much less likely to get into trouble.

Stage School Australia can provide your child with an acting course in Melbourne. Acting opens up a world of opportunities, and with classes available for children ages 5 and up, discover an acting course in Melbourne phoning (03) 9384 1644.


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